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Smell of cooperation
Innovative Scottish-India climate research partnership
Everest region glaciers thinning at high altitudes
Hope for biodiversity
Humpback whales return to South Georgia
In with in-group: Covid-19 and public compliance
Ethnic minorities expect to live longer
3D hand pose estimation using a wrist-worn camera
Great Dying – what caused Earth’s biggest mass extinction?
Coral time machines reveal ancient CO2 burps
Dolphin project seeks help from wildlife watchers
Hotter than sun
After COVID, we’ll need a rethink to repair Australia’s housing system and economy
UK Government invests in Covid research at St Andrews University
Increased migration to Scotland from rest of UK
New sources for rare metals vital in modern technology
Nooks, crannies and critters
Uncommon dolphin repeatedly spotted in northern Adriatic
Major funding boost to study impact of North Sea structures on marine life
Researchers unlock secrets of past with new international carbon dating standard
Selfish genes take sides in battle of sexes
Sharing food aids monkey business
Viking waterway through Orkney Mainland revealed
ECLS trial shows reduction in late-stage diagnoses of lung cancer
Genetic secrets behind bat ‘superpowers’ revealed
Research identifies how doctor-patient interactions can increase physical activity
Dolphins spotted again off Scottish coast
Golden lion tamarins play safe with food
Reserves Day 2020 stepping up to protect UK
Covid-19 lockdown reveals human impact on wildlife
New circle discovered near Stonehenge
Forest loss escalates biodiversity change
Feel beat: implanted microlasers scan heart from inside
Levitated timepiece sets new benchmark
Snowball’s chance in Earth and early signs of life
Scottish coastlines vital role in tackling climate emergency
Scottish coastlines vital role in tackling climate emergency
For now, psychology is our best anti-coronavirus tool
Chimpanzees help trace evolution of human speech
Ignorance would be bliss: family ties that grind
Fighting TB with light and sound
Experiences in early adolescence determine how birds build their first nest: study
Household factors may exacerbate Covid-19 health risks
Climate change impact greater on marine systems
Nest-building style reflects birds’ early experience
Consumer spending severely hit by Covid-19
Bats to shine a light on human language
Spanish Roma, Covid-19 and inequities of a pandemic