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Call for structured dialogue in order to transform food systems successfully
Climate Impact Monitor gathers data on consequences of climate change
Volunteering abroad: is it really helpful?
Meta-analysis shows that future food demand will increase between 35-56% over period 2010-2050
Food demand will increase significantly in next 40 years
Researchers make chicory plants without bitter compounds
New generation of Biobased polyesters for durable products
Sustainable Livestock Farming? “Taxes that Are Returned to Livestock Farmer May be Effective”
First Eastern African food-systems oriented living lab opens
Feeding fish and pond yields more protein with lower quality feed
Decline in carbon uptake Southeast Amazon
Three Wageningen scientists awarded Vidi-grant
Cycling path along N315 near Neede to have sustainable top layer of lignin asphalt
Wageningen and Swedish universities aim to increase collaboration
Improving appeal of plant-based proteins 7 July
Faster potato breeding thanks to identification key gene for self-compatibility
Investment in WUR spin-off boosts development of sustainable alternative to palm and coconut oil
How do you measure emissions in an open barn?
Wageningen scientists discover how potato blight pathogen penetrates plant
Improving appeal of plant-based proteins
Towards a more effective Common Agricultural Policy
Investing in technology stimulates reduction of nitrogen emissions in agriculture
Water-soluble polymer could make vaporized aluminium in food packaging unnecessary
WUR uses groundwater for heating and cooling
Assessing flavour with help of VR glasses
Almost 1 in 7 farmers and horticulturalists supply products to consumers along a short supply chain
Interactive tool designs greenhouse based on climate conditions
Survey for research project Safe Seaweed by Design
Survey for research project Seaweed by Design
Antibiotic resistance stable in Netherlands in 2020
Food system resilience
Onion genome finally reveals its secrets
Dutch Universities shine a light on essential Design Engineering Sciences sector
Grootswagers and Rijnaarts win James Lind Prijs 2021
SNV and WUR launch €100 Million Program Pro-Arides to support Sahel Region
Early detection of chronic diseases may be possible through breath test
Patents based on innovative plant breeding can contribute to more sustainability in agriculture
Testing nutrient cycles for sustainability calls for nuance: smaller is not always better
SofaScience: On couch with WUR scientists
Wageningen World: Weather information helps farmers in Africa
Young birds do household chores
COVID Teaches Valuable Lessons for Encouraging Sustainable, Healthy Eating Behaviour
WUR launches Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative
Curly pig tail only possible if all parties take responsibility
Hearing of European Parliament on artificial intelligence in agriculture
How to study in times of corona?
Genetics influences physical fitness of tilapia
Fitheid tilapia is erfelijk