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Reef sharks relocate during their lives
Nathusius’ pipistrelle crosses North Sea in one night
Nathusius’ pipistrelle bat crosses North Sea in one night
Animals rarely avoid inbreeding
Training bees to smell coronavirus
One percent of rivers worldwide represent largest contributors of ocean plastic
Method for assessing progress on Paris climate goals
International collaboration needed for new Russian forest code
Wageningen Scientist Dolf Weijers to join KNAW
DNA sequencing turns fungal taxonomy upside down
Detecting Inequality from Space
New initiative to create global online database with animal production data from all over world
Mini-organs reduce need for animal testing
Impact ranking: WUR scores high on climate and fighting hunger
Intelligent robots increase benefit from fresh produce
First phase 3rd International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge open for registration
Reduction in nitrogen deposition leads to biodiversity recovery
Enhanced conditionality: is it worth payment?
Vici-grant for Wageningen research on poverty reduction
AGROS project: Cucumber growers share their vision on autonomous greenhouse cultivation
DNA of lettuce unravelled: in 6000 years from weed to beloved vegetable
“Food systems in West Africa are resilient, but also vulnerable”
Here’s how sustainable fatty acids boost circular economy
WUR sells last remaining shares of spin-off Bio-Prodict
Food security in times of a pandemic
Tropical mangroves in Wageningen
Is a brown egg healthier than a white one?
Scientists awarded NWO ENW-KLEIN subsidy for innovative research
Toolkit Helps European Regions Towards Bio-Economy
Cleaner Turf Production with Biobased Biodegradable Nets
Fishing net litter on beaches: what can be done to prevent it?
First step in WUR shared mobility program
Food security in Netherlands: robust with frayed edges
100% Open Access ever closer: Most of WUR publications are freely accessible to everyone
Model study confirms potential of sustainable genetic population control of invasive alien species
Promise of super algae Galdiera – from volcanic springs to your plate
Material Flow Management: a different view on resources and waste collection
Economic development and climate-friendly palm oil production in Indonesia can go hand in hand
Scientists call for a broader approach for biodiversity to turn tide
Time we take aquaculture seriously
Researchers discover how to improve zinc content in plants
Online kick-off of ‘Transition to a sustainable food system’
Research calculates: human consumes about a grain of salt of microplastics per week
A science base for better meat analogues
Wageningen World: river as a plastic reservoir
Grootschalig onderzoeksproject stelt Afrikaanse boeren en landbouwbedrijven
Large scale research project to empower African farmers and agribusinesses to adapt to climate change
Solving aflatoxin problem in Africa requires a holistic approach