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West Nile virus reaches Netherlands
More sustainable bulb cultivation by growing in greenhouses
Circular agriculture calls for practical steps
COVID-19 detected on multiple Dutch mink farms
Data Science in Action, deliverables 2020
Mini-guts as alternative for animal tissue
Mini-guts as alternative for animal research
Global biodiversity loss can still be halted
Opening Academic Year 2020-2021 on continuous balancing act
One step closer to a new system for measuring carbon sequestration in dairy production
New technique for measuring forces in plant cells
Wildlife crossings, expensive but useful
More grey seals counted
Developing digital technology together
Hefty price tag on biodiversity loss
WUR partner in Zeeland centre
Knotweed breeds with Russian vine
Tackling drought in elevated sandy soils
Much room for improvement in cassava farming in Africa
Mucous membrane in gills keeps fish healthy
WUR invests heavily in artificial intelligence
Sunscreens damage coral
‘Nutrition plays a key role in recovery from Covid-19’
Drought is a distribution issue
Tackling nitrogen problem in five stages
AI-teams beat tomato farmers in sustainable production
Tropical forests can’t cope with heat
How to make healthier meat substitutes
Study of how to combat caterpillar
Five Wageningen researchers get grants from diplomacy fund
Five Wageningen researchers get grants from diplomacy fund
Insect deaths still worrying
End of plant patents facilitates new varieties
Ecological study of solar farms
‘Animal Protection poses good principles for food system’
Corona from mink to human
Organic farming must make a growth spurt
Spectrometer selects rotten mangos
Algal bloom causes a thick layer of foam that killed surfers
‘Giving money is surprisingly effective’
Cabinet’s nitrogen policy produces 30 per cent less ammonia
WUR documentary about Texel whalers
‘Start-ups must show patience and perseverance’
Better pens mean ‘better’ pigs
‘Quarantine baking is catching’
Living in Saharan heat
Sun cream for trees?
‘Don’t focus only on food safety’