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Effects of melting glaciers on food production in South Asia
Computer chips that can smell and nomadic mushrooms win AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant
PCR test to detect small hive beetle
LumiNose wins AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant with computer chips that can smell
“To find out what you do not know, you have to be willing to learn from each other”
What ice cream, domino and water management have in common
How hybrid plant varieties could address challenges of food security and climate change
Whale carcass proves tasty snack for beetles
Researchers mobilise to combat antimicrobial resistance
Impact Ranking: WUR rises to 65th place
Wageningen University & Research opens new Omnia building: place to meet and share knowledge
Covid lockdown cuts CO2 emissions throughout Europe and 40% in Amsterdam
Can Mekong Delta be saved from drowning?
European research partnerships: working on current and future challenges
Tropical vegetation benefits less from elevated atmospheric CO2 than previously thought
Increased costs will not necessarily lead to major revenue problems
F&A Next: start-ups and international companies meet on way to more sustainable food systems
Millions for agri-food technology
‘I love to see how young creative minds approach urban farming’
Dietary fats, human nutrition and environment: balance and sustainability
Historical overview: towards more sustainable livestock sector
Mini intestines replace test animals
Six reasons why we need biodiversity
Inauguration: ‘Planning for Environmental Change’ – rural area reclassified
‘Planning for Environmental Change’: Rural area reclassified
NWO grant for research into Flexible Energy Communities
What is it like to compete as team in Urban Greenhouse Challenge?
National Growth Fund awards funding to following WUR and partners’ projects
EU School Fruit and Vegetable Programme festively closed with pop-up tasting restaurant
Funds reservation for ‘NL2120 Greening Dutch Economy’ knowledge and innovation programme
Dark side of our chocolate Easter eggs
Dutch cabinet invests €42 million in CROP-XR institute for faster development of resilient agricultural crops
Faster and more efficient protein production with new technology: Robolector
Energy transition and lowering temperature of buildings at WUR
ERC Advanced Grant for Embodied Ecologies
Veni-grant for three young Wageningen scientists
Tulip that went wild
Five questions about biomass in circular economy in 2050
An open door to research for non-profit organisations in society
WUR is best agricultural university in world for seventh consecutive time
Five questions on avian influenza and animals
Immediate acceleration of global climate action needed to meet 1.5-degree target
Wageningen World: Should we vaccinate against bird flu?
New immune system discovered in bacteria
Wageningen IPCC author: Agriculture and forestry play critical role in solving climate issue
WUR G.O.: journey of discovery into food system of future
Finger on climate pulse
Heat and drought slow down tropical tree growth