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Zebras with high-tech sensors detect rhino poachers
Millions awarded for research on innovative barn systems
A healthy population is better equipped to handle a pandemic
Een gezondere bevolking kan een pandemie beter aan
Grant aimed at developing corn cultivars that grow deeper, stronger roots
Shrinking livestock numbers: a coin with two sides
New Toolbox enables policy makers and practitioners to make food systems choices
Blockchain as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation of Agrifood
Solar parks and biodiversity: room for improvement
Micro-organisms convert organic waste into high-grade fatty acids
New global data platform facilitates researchers across world in linking genetic and metabolic data
Food education strengthened with new grant
Nature and culture need each other
Customizing dry-period strategies of individual dairy cows
Dairy chain makes further progress toward sustainability
How is Dutch food supply chain coping during corona crisis?
Recycled plastics qualify as feedstock, but leap forward is still ahead
Cattlelyst project iGEM competition 2021 to reduce toxic gas release to slow climate change
Four considerations in discussion whether to vaccinate against bird flu
Four considerations in discussion whether to vaccinate for avian influenza
Increased poverty and food insecurity in low and middle-income countries during first Covid wave
No ‘one size fits all’ approach for sustainable transitions
Building blocks for a biobased future
Floods multiply plastic waste in rivers
Beter treatment of allergies through collaboration between WUR and Rijstate
Even bread mold sometimes follows a protectionist strategy
Not every circular farmer is same
Circular agriculture: efficiency or sufficiency?
New approach demonstrates at single-molecule scale how a drug interacts with Alzheimer’s peptide aggregates
‘Government reluctant to introduce measures’
Wageningen to host global secretariat of WEF Food Hubs
Growing cucumbers in a vertical farm
DNA of centuries-old timber reveals its origin
New feed additive significantly reduces methane emissions from dairy cows
New vaccine against Rift Valley fever is safe and effective in pregnant sheep
WUR purchases a spray dryer for better education and research
Cabbage whites triggered egg-killing leaf necrosis in crucifers
New step towards circular coffee at WUR
Worldwide forest carbon sources and sinks mapped in unprecedented detail
FoodSwitch: increased earning capacity by making global food production more sustainable
Value of agricultural exports increases slightly
Food and agricultural systems should be reformed to recover from COVID-19
Guppies with friends eat more
Paulien Herder steps down as member of Supervisory Board of WUR
Experiment with salt marsh construction near Delfzijl successful
EU-Mercosur trade agreement affords Netherlands modest economic growth with disadvantages for beef sector
Unique resistance gene to leaf spot disease for first time successfully introduced in wheat
Integrated approach needed to increase agricultural production and fishery in Dutch Caribbean