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Green Deal: diverse and uncertain farm net income impacts
Gold medals for 3 bachelor and 5 master programmes of WUR
Green Deal probably leads to lower agricultural yields
Online community curious about insect research
Working with hospitals to tackle antibiotic residue in water
Digital twins help with dietary advice
TNO and Wageningen University & Research start consortium for 3D foodprinting
NEOtrap’s great potential
Consumers’ willingness to pay is biggest obstacle to transition to sustainable agriculture
Sustainable food increasingly important
WUR produces kerosene from bio-based side streams
Potential crop yields can be dozens of percentage points higher than estimated
Scientists from Israel and Netherlands find new way to remove troublesome ions from water
New technology for removing troublesome ions from water
Aurora opened: light, flexible, and sustainable university building
Amazonian river winds unraveled by air pollution observations
WUR participates in EU project to fight viral diseases in tomato and cucurbit crops
NWO funding for research on an alternative to pulse fishing
Risk of airborne transmission of avian influenza from wild waterfowl to poultry negligible
Clearance for 50 million euro programme proposal Plant-XR
Demand for sustainable products rising; supply increasing too
Wageningen Experience Day: Searching for answers together
Discover internationally leading research and education centre Serre Red in virtual 360 degree tour
Wageningen World: As long as they are happy
Why do we remember location of potato chips better than apples?
Lack of policy support for small-scale fisheries and aquaculture undermines food security for millions
An area-specific approach is needed to achieve climate, environmental and biodiversity goals for 2030 under Common Agricultural
Introduction routes for bird flu season 2020-2021 investigated
Introduction of infection routes for bird flu season 2020-2021 investigated
Intake routes for bird flu season 2020-2021 investigated
‘Uncontrolled growth of apps causes issues in agriculture and food sector’
Duurzaamheidsverslag 2020: zevenmijlstappen en invloed corona
2020 Sustainability Report: Great Strides and Impact of Coronavirus
Funding for large-scale research into loss of smell and taste due to Covid
WHO report: Europe urgently needs integral reform of healthcare, surveillance and governance
Milestone for people at risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes
Large online audience for Opening Academic Year 2021
Search for creative and unexpected ideas for world food problem
WUR gives away CRISPR intellectual property licenses for free in fight against hunger
Plastic Soup Surfer visits Wageningen in fight against plastic waste
Light reveals origin of grain of sand
Would an ‘IPP for food’ be useful?
Fact check: just how harmful is methane?
WUR remains best Dutch university in international ranking
Innovative process for sustainable production of hydrogen peroxide
Decreasing confidence among farmers and horticulturalists in second quarter
Opening of academic year: ‘More scope for serendipity and masterful failures’
WUR remains best agricultural university according to Shanghai Ranking