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Integrated approach needed to increase agricultural production and fishery in Dutch Caribbean
Wageningen team awarded Top Visionary title for their vision for Dutch Food System 2050
Healthy appetite retained despite loss of taste and smell
Gezonde eetlust blijft behouden bij reuk- en smaakverlies
Broilers’ natural behaviour and welfare stimulated by eating fly larvae
WBVR research provides insight into course of bird flu infections
WUR launches first large-scale research facility for agroforestry in Netherlands in Lelystad
25 recommendations for a greener European agricultural policy
More production and quality in urban farming
Separating specific nutrients from wastewater is getting closer and closer
Pros and cons of emerging technology in our food system
Accessible booklet about current biobased plastics situation
Soft grip of animals inspires scientists to improve robots
WUR monitors expansion of digital tools in agriculture worldwide
Wageningen World: How easily can mink pass on virus?
Seeking evidence for promising sustainable food systems in Eastern Africa
Impact of corona on Dutch agricultural sectors
Consumers positive about smart shelf life indicator on packaging
Five years of climate agreement: “We can keep earth habitable”
Theoretical limit in recycling rates for plastic packages scientifically established
First steps towards an IndoDutch Taskforce against Food Loss and Waste
ERC grant for research into bonds that turn chemical world upside down
International acknowledgement for unique respiration cells for fish
WUR world’s most sustainable university for fourth consecutive year
Bringing together Agriculture and Biodiversity
New light on sustainability of palm oil
Using film to stimulate dialogue; Do try this at home
€100 million investment in research into global issues around health, food, energy and sustainability
Study impact and mode of action of micro & nanoplastics on human health
Wageningen researchers discover why wasp fathers are only able to have daughters and not sons
Dutch researchers discover why wasp fathers are only able to have daughters and not sons
Toxicology partner in two research projects of Dutch Research Agenda
Last piglets born at VIC Sterksel
Wageningen maintains leading position among Dutch universities
Green light for research on animal-free lactoprotein and robust landscape
Researcher Mirte Bosse discusses value of breeding programme research with king
Wageningen breakwater wins audience prize 4TU Impact Challenge
Five years of reducing health inequalities: what have we learned?
Gels from droplets less stable than gels from solid particles
Research into Peel fires: more attention needed for wildfires
Longitudinal dam replaces breakwaters
A nature inclusive vision for Bonaire
Marina van Damme Fund awards two Wageningen grants to female engineers
Alternative proteins are increasingly accepted, but consumption is lagging behind
Sustainable Nutrition Monitor 2019
New way of measuring harvests from food forests
Sonja Isken wins Silver Hourglass
Questions and answers regarding infection with COVID-19 in mink