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3D printed pea proteins to mimic lard in veggie burgers
NWO grant for project on Artificial Intelligence in Agri food
Perspective in Nature Food: Research Roadmap for Highly Processed Food
SDGs are like New Year’s resolutions: how to make them work?
Research into large-scale seaweed production at sea
Yes, indeed, it is hard to swat mosquito
Climate-proof agriculture in saline coastal delta of Netherlands
To measure is to know: how long is krill and how heavy is polar cod?
Market opportunities for biodegradable PHAs identified
Do forests lead to more or fewer clouds? It depends
Sustainability labels can be effective, but need improvement
Including societal costs and benefits of nitrogen fertiliser leads to different choices
Can artificial intelligence grow lettuce crop completely autonomously?
WUR starts with Material Flow Management: an innovative approach to material flows and use of raw materials
Algae: unexpected allies in mission for circular future
Scientists say no to Solar Geoengineering
Wageningen University & Research and VectorY to jointly develop novel production technologies for safer and more affordable gene
Dutch Development Sector: future prospectives
Bird flu detected in dead Barnacle geese in Oostvaardersplassen
Warming climate causes permafrost to thaw and vegetation to grow
Agricultural export in 2021 in excess of 100 billion euros for first time
Trees shrink during heatwaves
State of Agriculture and Food: Stable trends in agricultural sector
Microbiologists are building bacteria that convert CO2 into food
Environmental performance of biobased building materials
Genetic selection may eradicate infectious diseases
Food Education Platform will continue to grow in 2022
Fish stocks fluctuate with seawater temperature
Hannah van Zanten awarded prestigious FoodShot prize for circular model
1.5 Million grant for research into global groundwater sustainability and crop production
Population that trusts each other recovers more rapidly from covid-peak
World Food Map to be biggest worldwide inventory of what people eat
Mekong Delta in Vietnam is sinking: can sediment save it?
WUR investigates discrimination with DARE project
WUR in Dubai: sustainable eating and drinking in desert
Scientists explain: we need China for more sustainable world
Drought makes heatwaves hotter, but less deadly
Bird flu detected in fox with neurological symptoms
Gene discovered crucial to making crop plants produce clonal seeds
Method to stabilise promising material for cheaper next-gen solar cells
‘Why do people eat what they eat and how can you influence their eating behaviour?’
Avian Influenza detected in dead Knots washed up on Wadden Sea
Financial sector can play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emission
More nature-based Netherlands in 2120, but how?
Forced labour in nineteenth century Java cost many lives
Wageningen World: More frequent extreme weather
Nitrous oxide as greenhouse gas: 30 questions and answers
Veni-grant for six young Wageningen scientists