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3D scanner could increase accuracy of surgery
Puffins stay cool thanks to their large beak
Plastic Spotter: research into plastic in canals of Leiden
Avoid an aching pet this Thanksgiving
Games can protect thinking skills in older age
Solving fossil mystery could aid Mars life quest
Thanksgiving is a good time to dish up a serving of history
How many voters really switch parties in British elections? What evidence tells us
PACE building up capacity, curriculum at Air University
16-Days Joint Campaign “Together against Violence”
Engaging on our southern future
Building better barley for high-rainfall zones
UK scientists bring innovative vaccine technology to Vietnam
To Scotland with Nordic Model
Prestigious award a first for Bendigo
Samuel headed to Indo-Pacific in 2020
Drill or no drill – ‘the end of dentist’s dilemma’
Mental health support for people who have experienced terrorist attacks not offered quickly enough
Opinion: Depression – men far more at risk than women in deprived areas
Physiotherapy ‘postcode lottery’ uncovered
New genomic research to future-proof pasture grasses
NTU, NNI and NHG launch Singapore’s first brain bank to study neurological disorders
Unique sledge dogs helped Inuit thrive in North American Arctic
Scientists develop first implantable magnet resonance detector
Statement from Deputy Premier – Vale Sam Watson Snr
Seal of Love Charitable Foundation’s HK$40m Gift Empowers Students to Solve Real-World Problems
How do national courts engage with Convention on Rights of Child?
Impact crater data analysis of Ryugu asteroid illuminates complicated geological history
Revolutionary approach to adoption unveiled at Parliament House
New research lab positions WA as global energy hub leader and creates jobs
R & M McGivern $25,000 Prize winner soon to be announced
Lifetime achievement award for reproductive health research
Refugees face higher burden of proof than criminals
Researchers to study ‘fairy circles’, tree rings and smoke signals with Academy support
Thermo-chemical power generation integrated with forced convection cooling to create
Tasmanian clubs excel at national Good Sports Awards
TSU is first in Russia to perform 3D printing with plastic tecason
Enzyme discovery could keep tonnes of polyester from landfill
Annual Peter Tobin Oration at Eureka Centre Ballarat
New funding boost for dementia-focused research at Curtin
LifeLifelong learners over 50 invited to sign up for Vanderbilt Osher winter classes
Japanese anime and zoos boost public interest in conservation of real-life animal characters
Study: alcohol & tobacco policy impacts
Koalas are not ‘functionally extinct’ but they are in danger
National Rugby League pledges support to head injury research
People and climate led to Aus megafauna extinction
Siberian rock art provides new window into past
Swinburne and UP Education to deliver pathway programs