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First-ever elucidation of small protein’s structure could signal help for those with epilepsy and other disorders
Deaf children with learning delays benefit from cochlear implants more than hearing aids
University of Southern California awarded more than $16 million for research on vascular dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease
Researchers design new emulator that finds intricacies of light behavior in complex evolving systems
Top honour for USC professor on great quest to save koalas
Readout of Vice President Harris’s Meeting with Faith Leaders on Reproductive Rights
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles awarded $3 million to study opioid use in hospitalized infants
Research reveals bidirectional link between inflammatory bowel disease and depression
Improving music appreciation for world’s more than 700,000 cochlear implant users
Start journey towards rewarding careers in health and ageing
Specialist police stations could be key to tackling gender violence
Tsunami threats underestimated in current models
Tsunami threats are greatly underestimated in current models, new research shows
Importance of studying health data that represents everyone
Exposure to air pollution can worsen patient outcomes from Covid
Deaf children with learning delays benefit from cochlear implants more than hearing aids
Protein protects cells from stressful forces, and diseases such as muscular dystrophy, by forming ‘nanoclusters’
Secretary Blinken At Graduation Commencement Ceremonies for Georgetown Class of 2022
Haptics device creates realistic virtual textures
Report details potential problems caused by lack of diversity in clinical trials
Game design giant backs USC
New evidence on how adults’ large bone injuries repair
For large bone injuries, it’s Sonic hedgehog to rescue
Jaws hold crucial insights into fate and future of tiger sharks
Sports heroes to convene at USC to break down barriers
Career in Care
Swimming great Kieren Perkins OAM to headline sports symposium
USC clinical trial of potential new influenza vaccine
Floods, new mystery disease impact starving marine turtles
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
Analysis of more than 82,000 autistic children’s health care usage data finds disparities
Packed house for annual Heritage Symposium
Synthetic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS linked to liver damage
‘Longevity diet’ characteristics: What to eat for long life
USC first in Qld, earns top-5 global spot in impact ranking
Clinical trial of potential vaccine for cytomegalovirus
AI could save lives by helping liver transplant candidates too sick to survive sobriety ‘road test’
Synthetic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS linked to liver damage
Innovative new surgery provides new hope for patient with prosthetic leg
5 ways University of Southern California researchers are working to reduce waste
Veterans offer ‘untapped resource’ for economy, research shows
University of Southern California researchers seek sustainability solutions and advocate for change
Citizen scientists help USC take beach research into fourth dimension
Small ‘good cholesterol’ particles may have role in preventing Alzheimer’s
Mexican immigrants have to work longer due to inadequate Social Security benefits, study finds
When imprecision makes for better decisions
Protein that enables us to detect cold and menthol may also be key to migraine headaches
Small ‘good cholesterol’ particles may have role in Alzheimer’s prevention