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New National PTSD Centre brings new hope to trauma survivors
Key Sunshine Coast Olympics legacy group members take their marks
Ultrasound gave us our first baby pictures can it also help blind see?
Game changer for medical testing devices
Time-lapse images as living brain responds to experiences
Sunshine Coast businesses compete nationally internationally thanks to local cutting edge digital technology
Suicide prevention, mental health programs boosted by $3.9m fund
Further Targeting Russian State-Owned Enterprises
Scientists accurately identify people with PTSD through text data alone
University of Southern California’s cutting-edge biometrics research receives technology-transfer government contract
Genetic ‘hotspots’ that speed up and slow down brain aging could provide new targets for Alzheimer’s drugs
Newborn cells in epileptic brain provide potential target for treatment
Drones and dogs team up in Sunshine Coast koala conservation project
Scientists can predict transfer of carbon – including pollution from cars – in ocean
DA approved for Maroochy Private Hospital
Decoding Movement and Speech from Brain of Tetraplegic Person
Researchers can predict carbon transfer in ocean based on deep-diving tiny organisms
Scientists reveal new cell pathways involved in Parkinson’s disease
Forget that doom-and-gloom attitude toward climate change
$12.2 million to build National PTSD Centre, boost mental health research
Blood sample trial to help determine next flu vaccine
E-cigarettes reverse decades of decline in percentage of US youth struggling to quit nicotine
Major racial disparities found among older adults seeking treatment for substance use
Could diet modification make chemotherapy drugs more effective for patients with pancreatic cancer
Research provides new insights into genetics of heritable traits
USC experts discover brain differences in young children with binge eating disorder
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in recommended screenings
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in cancer screenings
Do ordinary Russians support war?
Some of world’s lowest dementia rates are found in Amazonian indigenous groups
Some of world’s lowest rates of dementia in Amazonian indigenous groups
Sunshine Coast to celebrate Harmony Week
Autism correlated with changing sensory preferences during early childhood, study finds
La dieta puede desempeñar un papel en el desarrollo de complicaciones en el embarazo entre las mujeres hispanas o latinas
Diet may play role in development of pregnancy complications among Hispanic/Latina women
Mammoths, meet metaverse
Readout of White House Virtual Celebration of Afro-Latino Heritage
University of Southern California endocrinologist takes Alzheimer’s disease research in new directions
University of Southern California Dornsife researchers examine mysteries of universe
Brother’s struggle inspires new Alzheimer’s and dementia research collaboration
Another reason why you should exercise: It helps your brain
Examining link between sleep and Alzheimer’s
Study finds older Americans are largely unaware of new Alzheimer’s drug
How socioeconomics may impact Covid-associated stress in youth
Study shows benefits of ‘smart boot’ for patients recovering from diabetes-related wounds
Scientists reveal where schizophrenia may originate in brain
Microbial Compound in Gut Leads to Anxious Behaviors in Mice
Amygdala changes in individuals with autism linked to anxiety