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Third of Americans Not Fully Protected Against COVID-19 Due to Vaccine Hesitancy
Métis Nation Saskatchewan Boosts Vaccine Confidence
Research: Systematic Racism in Healthcare Fuels COVID-19 Vaccine Mistrust in Black Communities
Research Shows Peer-to-Peer Communication Boosts Covid Vaccine Rollout
Research Shows Peer-to-Peer Communication’s Power in Covid Vaccine Rollout
World Immunization Week: Big Catch-Up to Get Vaccines Back on Track
Global Partners Launch Big Catch-up to Restore Child Immunization Lost During Pandemic
Federation of Black Canadians and Black Physicians’ Association promote vaccine confidence
Health Workers Championed to Lead Vaccination Efforts in Uganda
Millions of Children Deprived of Life-Saving Vaccinations during Covid Pandemic, Misinformation Surge
Childhood vaccine confidence drops up to 44% during COVID-19
Narrative Risk Messaging Fuels Vaccine Hesitancy
Global Study Reveals COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in College Students
Researchers pen 10 rules for socially responsible science
Science and vaccine hesitancy: nationwide concern
Transdisciplinary Team to Study Political Instability’s Impact on Health
March Research Highlights from Huntsman Cancer Institute
UCLA Study: Black Lives Matter Supporters Less Hesitant About Vaccines
Lab-Made Antibodies Could Cure Yellow Fever
H-Town CHAT Launched to Study Health Inequalities
FDA, CDC Respond to Fla. Surgeon General
Online Program Encourages Vaccination Among Hesitant Moms
Nationwide Danish Study Shows Electronic Messages Increase Flu Vaccination Rates
COVID fears and long-term planning affect vaccine hesitancy
Danish study: Electronic messages boost flu vaccination
Improve Vaccination Rates: ER Messaging May Help
Risk Comm. Can Help Counter Vaccine Hesitancy: Interactive Approach
Interactive Risk Comm. Fights Vaccine Hesitancy Amid Covid-19 Crisis
Research helps identify vulnerable populations
IHR Emergency Committee: 14th Mtg on COVID-19 Pandemic
Misinformation Costs Healthcare Services During Covid: Report
UK’s K-VAC to Explore Vaccine Hesitancy in Eastern Kentucky
China’s COVID cases may have hit 900 million. What’s headed our way?
Vaccination Gets Boost When People Know Their Neighbors Are Doing it
Neighbors’ Vaccinations Boost Each Other’s Likelihood
Low Vaccine Resistance Linked to Low Concern, Distrust: Study
Spanish Refuse 6.5% of COVID-19 Vaccine Offerings
WHO Meeting on China’s COVID-19 Surge Ahead
Hackensack Meridian School Publishes COVID Support Findings
Racism is ‘fundamental cause’ of Covid vaccine hesitancy among ethnic minorities
Risk of Traffic Accidents Linked to Vaccine Attitudes
Misinformation, vaccine concerns contribute to low Covid vaccination rate among children
Vaccine skepticism predicts future Covid vaccine side effects
Reduce vaccine hesitancy by focusing on options
Queen Mary University of London and charity Social Action for Health hear from local young adults about their concerns about public
Which COVID vaccine you get can impact myocarditis risk
Researchers confirm association between parent, child vaccination status
Research finds vaccine confidence declined considerably during Covid pandemic