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Milky Way may be swarming with planets with oceans and continents like here on Earth
New machine learning theory that can be applied to fusion energy raises questions about very nature of science
How Rocks Rusted on Earth and Turned Red
Out of this world development of a new catalytic converter
Western Australia enters five-day lockdown from 6pm tonight
Thick lithosphere casts doubt on plate tectonics in Venus’s recent past
Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide, new study shows
A Day at Drive – schedule and charity partner
7 rocky planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1 may be made of similar stuff
TRAPPIST-1’s 7 Rocky Planets May Be Made of Similar Stuff
Solar System formation in two steps
How our planets were formed
Vigilance Around Water Urged As State Heats Up
Death at Venus Bay
Pressure Sensor of Venus Flytrap
Almost like on Venus
How Venus Flytrap Counts
Solar Orbiter’s first science data shows Sun at its quietest
Venus’ Ancient Layered, Folded Rocks Point to Volcanic Origin
Coles cuts cost of SELECTED Steggles chicken by 45%
Phosphine on Venus – A step forward to understand biomarker molecule
Venus ‘ring of fire’
How Venus Flytraps also Snap
Biomechanical analyses and computer simulations reveal Venus flytrap snapping mechanisms
First space-based measurement of neutron lifetime
CFA crews remove chemical drum from Venus Beach
UBC researchers establish new timeline for ancient magnetic field on Mars
Atmospheric tidal waves maintain Venus’ super-rotation
Police investigate Caulfield South burglary and petrol drive-off
Solar Orbiter Launch Takes Solar Science to New Heights
Mars’ water was mineral-rich and salty New study finds surface waters on early Mars may have been
What to watch for in night skies of 2020
First Asteroid Found Inside Orbit of Venus
Mercury’s Volcanic Activity – or Lack of it – Could Help Us Find Other Earth-like Worlds
Appointments made for key government entities
Hidden giant planet revealed around tiny white dwarf star
Ace! Memorial Drive roof in place as Venus Williams signs on for 2020 tournament
Star-studded line-up confirmed for 2020 Brisbane International
South Gippsland Highway Realignment Another Step Closer
Australian researchers transforming bush tucker
New opportunities for unique Australian native foods
‘Are we alone?’ Study refines which exoplanets are potentially habitable
Chameleon’s tongue strike inspires fast-acting robots that catch live insects
Understanding an endangered species, bird by bird
Mysterious cloud ‘absorbers’ seen to drive Venusian albedo, climate
Rocky, Earth-sized exoplanet is missing an atmosphere
James Webb Space Telescope could begin learning about TRAPPIST-1 atmospheres
Bringing yesterday’s plants to digital life