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Cold War antiseptic has potential in fight against drug-resistant germs and viruses
Unusual blue woodlice may help develop new antiviral materials
Face Coverings Made From Layered Cotton Fabric Likely Slow Spread of COVID-19 Better Than Synthetics
Australian Chemical Research fined $25,200 for alleged breaches in relation to hand sanitiser
Designer Peptides Show Potential for Blocking Viruses, Encourage Future Study
Don’t mistake hand sanitiser for food or drink
You’re using disinfectants wrong. Here’s what you actually need to do
Turning alcohol into key ingredients for new medicines
Cleaning tips from a chemist who researches disinfectants
Experimental peptide targets Covid-19
Super-resolution microscopy reveals a twist inside of cells
Old Drug Standards Delay New Drug Approvals
Measles virus much older than previously thought
UConn Health Researchers Find a Simple Oral Rinse Can Inactivate COVID-19 Virus
Boosting your immune system with sleep
New understanding in how hydroxychloroquine works undermines its use for corona
Queensland latest coronavirus data as at 17 June
Pregnancy and birth in time of a pandemic
NIST Airflow Model Could Help Reduce Indoor Exposure to Aerosols Carrying Coronavirus
Breast cancer vaccine research delivers promising results
Cold plasma against coronavirus
New plant gene editing approach improves speed, scalability and heritability
Breast cancer vaccine research delivers promising results
Enhancing Australia’s bee pest surveillance
Soon a transparent surgical mask to keep smiling
TSU has discovered a rare species of hantavirus in Tomsk Region
TSU has discovered a rare species of hantavirus in Tomsk Region
PNNL Waives Fee to Test-Drive Portfolio of Intellectual Property
Jetstar resumes domestic flights in New Zealand as restrictions ease
Lighting way to porous electronics and sensors
Respiratory virus builds ‘doorbell’ to trick its way into cells, researchers find
Genetic study reveals similarities and differences of COVID-19 and SARS viruses
Universal Virus Detection Platform to Expedite Viral Diagnosis
Queensland latest coronavirus data as at 31 May
Physics World – indispensable, trusted daily news throughout pandemic
Protect your child by vaccinating against flu
‘Watcher’ tracks coronavirus in Cincinnati and beyond
Exploiting viruses to attack cancer cells
University of Alberta spinoff company developing simple blood test to predict severity of COVID-19
Researchers aim to find out whether COVID-19 can spread through ventilation systems
Novel method sheds new light on tumour-suppressing RNA
Researchers aim to make heatable, reusable face mask
Hunt for neutralising antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
Travel safely during summer vacation season
Chip for biomolecule detection may help in COVID-19 testing
Institute for Glycomics wins NHMRC Investigator Grants
COVID-19: could saliva tests replace nasal swabs?
Saliva, friend or foe in COVID-19 outbreak?