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COVID-19 Delta variant has potential to make ‘epidemic curve exponentially’
A virus to identify small peptide mimics of antifreeze proteins
Membrane Proteins of Bacteria and Humans Show Surprising Similarities
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Long-term changes to blood cells triggered by Covid-19 infection
Microscopy Deep Learning Predicts Viral Infections
New national surveillance of possible COVID-19 reinfection, published by PHE
Scientists Demonstrate Promising New Approach for Treating Cystic Fibrosis
New AI model helps understand virus spread from animals to humans
Starpharma’s Viraleze registered for sale in India
Exclusive license agreement for a sensitive virus detection method between Hokkaido University and SHIONOGI
Vaccinate against flu to protect your child
SARS-CoV-2 protease cuts human proteins; possible link to COVID-19 symptoms
Researchers discover how cowpea mosaic plant virus activates immune system against cancer
A high concentration of ACE2 in blood may increase risk of serious COVID-19
Lessons from last pandemic point way toward universal flu vaccines
Vahey receives NIH grant
Alexandra Cloherty and Mohammad Jouy Bar winners of Dutch FameLab final
Time-dependent viral interference between influenza virus and coronavirus in infection of differ
Testing shows Starpharma’s Viraleze highly active against UK COVID strain
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