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Renewed calls for needle & syringe programs in prisons ahead of international drug Users Day
How Grant Jensen’s Microscopy Lectures Became World’s Textbook
“The Age of Living Machines” honored by American Institute of Physics
Study measures effectiveness of different face mask materials when coughing
Mozzies could be out in force
How Bats Carry Viruses Without Getting Sick
Coronavirus: risk of aerosols
Flu, a cold, allergies or COVID-19? How to decipher symptoms
New COVID-19 related genes – helpful and harmful – found in massive screen
Lost Your Sense of Smell? Suspect COVID-19
Boeing and University of Arizona Show Cleaning Tools and Techniques Effective Against COVID-19
Taking shortcuts to new virus and cancer treatments
Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 found in wild mute swans
Griffith City Council urges residents to be weed wise
Los Alamos National Laboratory brings next-generation HPC to fight against COVID-19
How virus enters cell
Advancing wildlife genomics through development of molecular methods
Infection Control Expert Group statement on masks and Victoria
Pinpointing ‘Silent’ Mutations That Gave Coronavirus an Evolutionary Edge
Jetstar’s first international flight since early April takes off
Scientists develop extremely rapid diagnostic test for Covid-19
CSIRO research, wheelchair users and COVID
CDC and American Mosquito Control Association Collaborate on First-ever Comprehensive Resources for Mosquito
Computer Security: From digital trenches
Yellow Dwarf Virus infections increase in cereal crops
QIMR Berghofer receives million dollar boost for immunological COVID-19 research
Do cloth masks work? Only if you machine wash them after use, researchers say
CRISPR-technology needed to achieve European Green Deal
Severe COVID-19 infection linked to overactive immune cells
How to make Halloween safe in COVID-19 era
Study Finds Odor-Sensing Neuron Regeneration Process is Adaptive
Four at UW Medicine earn High-Risk, High-Reward awards
Investment in hepatitis research needs to be accompanied by National Strategy implementation funding
Mysterious molecular phenomenon could boost precision of targeted drug delivery
UQ tech could offer ‘faster, cheaper and mobile’ COVID-19 diagnosis
New course from ACS Publications provides lessons in reducing spread of viruses
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on 5 October
Fecal transplantation can restore gut microbiota of C-section babies
HPV vaccine effective against cervical cancer
UV-light research to investigate aerosol disinfection in unoccupied classrooms
Detecting SARS-CoV2 using Houston’s wastewater
Viruses could become harder to kill
Researcher named to Time 100 list of world’s most influential people
Ocean algae get ‘coup de grace’ from viruses — sometimes
Common HIV drugs increase a type of immunity in gut
New Drug Candidate Found for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Virus detection improves – protecting Victorian borders
IATA Comment on Studies Regarding Onboard Transmission of COVID-19