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Cooperation rewards water utilities
Wastewater treatment process produces “greener” ammonia
Watershed moment
Helping rain stay where it lands
We’re spending $54 million on water and sewer
Effectively removing emerging contaminants in wastewater treatment plants
Drina countries agree on cross-sectoral roadmap to improve transboundary cooperation in management of natural resources
Changes to Environment Protection Act
European farmland could be biggest global reservoir of microplastics, study suggests
Technology upgrades help Western Newfoundland businesses to modernize and grow
What is dead zone?
‘High Water Line’ project draws boundary where N.J.’s new coastline will be if climate change persists
Canada and Saskatchewan invest in 24 infrastructure projects across province
Watershed Moment: Key Findings About Potential Drinking Water Contamination
Sewage solution lights up Logan’s carbon ambitions
Membrane bioreactor performs better than conventional activated sludge process in techno-economy
Canada and Prince Edward Island invest in new water and wastewater infrastructure for three communities
$6 million investment completes final phase of wastewater treatment upgrade
Building Calstock’s resilience to climate change
Chemistry lab’s focus on plastics inspires Earth Day cleanup
National Cheng Kung University researchers present new solution for wastewater remediation
Wastewater provides planet-wide laboratory for study of human health
Australia-India Grant to research new critical minerals extraction tech
Engineer s point way to more affordable, sustainable urban neighborhoods
Critical water infrastructure upgrade for JBT
Budget 2022: Delivering for Norfolk Island
Improved monitoring of sewage spills to drive enhanced environmental protection and enforcement
New tech makes eco-mining reality for Rare Earths
Redevelopment of Lakeshore Caravan Park at Knowsley
IOM Appeals for USD 128 Million to Support Rohingya Refugees and Local Communities in Cox’s Bazar
Grads engineer their way to success
Maryborough wastewater treatment plant
Cooking up way to remove microplastics from wastewater – with okra, aloe
Victoria University proud to mark World Water Day
Recent research analyzes chemical composition of fracking wastewater
Exploring climate-smart technologies for Australian viticulture
Prime Minister – Transcript – Press Conference, Gympie, QLD
Using soap to remove micropollutants from water
Canada and FCM Announce New Investments in Saskatchewan Communities
Breaking down how “single-atom” catalysts help remove organic pollutants
Engineer s reveal how to optimize processes for transforming sulfur in wastewater to valuable materials
‘greener’ way to clean wastewater treatment filters
Scientists propose chemoenzymatic cascade reaction for membrane cleaning
More support for tourism facilities & Matariki
Public health researcher lead author on latest global report on climate change
Covid viral fragments detected in wastewater in Wyalkatchem
Kuwait Fund and UNDP team up to re-open hospitals in Yemen
Environmental DNA analysis to manage fecal contamination