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Council begins work on Tatura Structure Plan
Bird droppings carry risk of antibiotic resistance
Wastewater upgrade works at Maria Island
Council water charges frozen
Oregon State University adds second week of coronavirus prevalence sampling in Newport
Project Signing: World Bank provides $400 million to Enhance Support for Rejuvenating Ganga
State Government provides $180,000 to Kimberley community projects
Canada and British Columbia invest in infrastructure in Northern British Columbia to create jobs and strengthen
Tenth wastewater report reveals Australia’s stimulant consumption among highest in world
Logan’s aqua man is Australia’s best
Australia’s unique Bioreactor makes wastewater treatment easy in China
Chasing COVID-19: CSIRO scientists find fast, cheaper way to find outbreaks in our wastewater
Slightly smaller-than-average 2020 ‘dead zone’ predicted for Chesapeake Bay
Supporting communities across Nunavut
Solar farms power emissions reductions
A US$ 10 Million Grant from World Bank to Sustain Palestinian Wastewater Treatment Services
Illegal discharges compromise treatment plants
UWA research finds new way to make hydrogen
Australian-First Renewable Organics Networks
$19 million upgrade to Margaret River wastewater facility complete
Tender awarded for upgrade to Horseshoe Bay Treatment Plant
Bacteria breakthrough could lead to new biomaterials
New project to analyse novel coronavirus in wastewater
Green light for world-leading renewable hydrogen from wastewater project
Using wastewater to monitor COVID-19
Warrnambool sewage treatment upgrade – Have your say
Researchers are developing methods to monitor COVID-19 virus through community’s wastewater
Parwan protein facility receives EPA Works Approval
Covid-19: using wastewater to track pandemic
Digital transformation flows into success for water company in China
Flooding and water management a growing challenge, academics warn policymakers
Rice engineers: Make wastewater drinkable again
Researchers look to ‘trap and zap’ coronavirus
Wastewater upgrades at Maria Island
COVID-19 Testing Boost
Australian researchers trace sewage for early warning COVID-19 spread
MTU Engineers Build Mobile Unit to Clean COVID-19 PPE
Why bad smells stick around and how to eliminate them
EPFL launches a series of projects to combat Coronavirus crisis
Making stronger concrete with ‘sewage-enhanced’ steel slag
Council says flushing wipes, blocks pipes
Wet wipes clogging our drains
Researchers develop a novel wastewater treatment process to effectively remove health hazardous
Wastewater A Resource That Can Pay Dividends for People, Environment, and Economies, Says World Bank
Microplastic Fibers Linked to Respiratory, Reproductive Changes in Fish
Grant scheme funding open to Kimberley community groups
New nano strategy fights superbugs
Ninth wastewater report reveals Australians spend over $11.3 billion a year on drugs