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State Government issues first Code Blue response for homelessness services this winter
Geraldton Doppler radar upgrade complete
UK and USA join forces to launch ‘space weather’ service
Leading new space age: government backs ambitious plans for UK in space
Be safe in wet, be seen police warn
Distress beacons will save lives this Queens Birthday weekend – RCCNZ
A warmer and drier than average winter likely for most of Australia
Father and son rescued from Avon Wilderness Park
Seasonal outlook spells caution for winter planting
Advice for Canadians: Take precautions when travelling during hurricane season
CFA warns landowners to extinguish burns
ENSO Outlook decreases to El Nino WATCH; positive Indian Ocean Dipole possible
ENSO Outlook decreases to El Nio WATCH; positive Indian Ocean Dipole possible
Think weather to burn off – EPA
Researchers join multi-billion dollar smart satellite revolution
Aurora activity may light up skies in southern Australia this week
LaSalle Causeway closed to boaters due to high water levels
Design work on ‘brain’ of world’s largest radio telescope completed
National Hurricane Preparedness Week, 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: Widespread rainfall over southeastern Australia
UK to provide up to £3 million of UK aid to support victims of Cyclone Kenneth
Water level warning for Lake Timiskaming
Closure of Union Bridge on Chaudière Crossing due to high water flow
UK delivers world’s most accurate weather satellite instrument
Tasmanians need up-to-date beach information – not silence – over Easter
$1.2m renewable energy project a win for consumers and industry
WEATHER UPDATE: Developing tropical low to north of WA, 5 April 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: developing tropical low northwest of Top End
WEATHER UPDATE: ex-tropical cyclone Veronica, Tuesday 26 March 2019
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Trevor, Sunday 24 March 2019
Weather Update: severe tropical cyclone Veronica, Sunday 24 March 2019
Severe Tropical Cyclones forecast this weekend, coinciding with World Meteorological Day
WEATHER UPDATE: Severe tropical cyclone Trevor, 22 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: Severe tropical cyclone Veronica, Friday 22 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: Severe tropical cyclone Veronica continues to intensify, 21 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: tropical cyclone Trevor rapidly intensifying, 21 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical cyclone Veronica northwest of Western Australia
WEATHER UPDATE: tropical cyclone Trevor to move into Gulf of Carpentaria, 20 March 2019
WEATHER UPDATE: Severe tropical cyclone Trevor to cross coast today, 19 March 2019
Chance of El Nino increases as tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures warm
Destructive wind gusts likely as Cyclone Trevor approaches North East Queensland
$9 million funding to enhance short term forecasting of wind and solar farms
Vestas and Utopus Insights to pilot energy forecasting solutions for renewable power
Weather update: Tropical cyclone Savannah near Cocos Islands; tropical lows near East Timor and PNG
VIDEO: Potential for heavy rain over eastern New South Wales
Securing Water For Geelong In Dry Conditions
Mount Isa Line recovery remains on track
Heat wave events headline a record warm summer for Australia