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Study targets smell loss to sniff out COVID-19
Place pandemic stress in context for self, others
Researchers offer glimpse into dinosaur ecosystems
Dinosaur tooth chemistry provides new understanding of ancient ecosystems
Researchers earn SSHRC Insight Grants
University announces generous $10-million gift from Temerty Foundation to support urgent COVID-19 priorities
Study: Bilingualism does not make you ‘smarter’
Despite social and employment benefits, bilingualism does not make you ‘smarter’
New study of football players shows concussions have long-term effects on inhibition
Stewart offers Shakespearean nod to King’s scholar
Astronomers detect most energetic outflow from a distant quasar
Researchers discover ‘crazy powerful’ quasar
Pandemic forcing food to your emotional rescue
‘Cough chamber’ shows six-feet not far enough
‘Cough chamber’ shows six-feet may not be far enough for physical distancing
Researcher drives voices for WHO Roadmap
Western advanced manufacturing medical face shields for fight against COVID-19
Not all find comfort while ‘safe at home’
Learning from echoes of past plagues, poxes, flus
Social media has positive possibilities in pandemic
Canada not playing Games with Olympics decision
Researchers begin work on COVID-19 vaccine
Crisis consumers seek control – and toilet paper
Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Ontario
Researchers solve mystery of Tuvan throat singing
Adolescents prone to poor dietary choices leading to changes in brain
Trans and non-binary Canadians report having unmet health care needs
Researchers solve mystery of Tuvan throat singing
Junk food orders up trouble for young brains
Researchers play key roles in COVID-19 response
Bank’s half-point rate drop ‘an aggressive move’
Seven Western programs among global elite
Use of rewards app lifts more than 100,000 Canadians out of ‘high risk’ physical inactivity
Study: OJ ingredient may help combat obesity
Molecule found in oranges could reduce obesity and prevent heart disease and diabetes
Researcher among those giving VOICE to children
New online tool provides hope for Canadian women experiencing intimate partner violence
CSA contract giant leap towards launching Western into Space
Canada reaches for Moon
Study: Sexual orientation plays part in pay gap
Getting at underlying factors of eating disorders
Scholar pens memoir of lifelong bond with Ulysses
International study investigates near death experiences using data from text mining
Study gets up close with near-death experiences
Grant bolsters Western-led MSK network
Study: Controlled-release opioids linked to infections
Controlled-release opioid may be leading to heart infections in persons who inject drugs
Research points to early detection for Alzheimer’s disease