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Ethics of mandatory vaccinations: benefits may not outweigh challenges
Caught speeding: Clocking fastest-spinning brown dwarfs
Proteus Innovation Competition sees most entries ever
Study shows how chronic stress may inhibit body’s cancer-fighting ability
Ivey, City of Guelph to unlock value of food ‘waste’
Molecule could beat antibiotic-resistant infections
Western space scientists identify fastest-spinning “failed stars” ever found
Nearly 40,000 kids in U.S. who lost a parent to COVID-19 need immediate support
Global study shows income inequality, not poverty, tied to higher COVID-19 mortality rates
Neuroscientists show planning ahead is key for controlling movement on and off court
Trans PULSE Canada highlights diverse experiences of trans and non-binary Canadians
Hockey FIT reaches fans from coast to coast
Global study shows elective surgery patients should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines
Pandemic reveals strengths and ‘fault lines’ in Canada’s immigration system
Creating connections: Western’s complexity science research hub
Western engineer explores 3D printing in space
Biophysicists ‘jump’ to conclusion for understanding spider movement
Powerful brain imaging provides new insights on neurological symptoms of COVID-19
A more plant-based diet may improve cardiovascular health
Whether at home, school or in child care, 3- to 5-year-olds experience similar levels of physical activity
New software provides detailed picture of diversity of COVID-19 virus variants
Western fireball trackers play key role in important meteorite discovery
Standardized screening, school and community integration help keep kids in school
COVID-19 and mental health: Feeling anguish is normal and is not a disorder
Imaging helps understand empathy loss in dementia
Atmospheric drying will lead to lower crop yields, shorter trees across globe
London startup raises bar on spinal implants
Online voting is here, but are we ready? Western research shows not even close
‘Making teaching matter’
Human rights law provides transparent, fair framework for vaccine allocations
3D map for inner ear created with advanced X-ray technology
Study pinpoints role of language disruptions in psychosis
Walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline
Dialysis patients four times more likely to die from COVID-19 infection
Bats may hold key to vaccines for future pandemics
World Cancer Day: Using cancer cells to treat cancer
Inconsistent instructions may cause too-shallow nasal swabs
New international study extends ‘lifetime’ of materials used in cars and nuclear reactors
Alternate type of surgery may prevent total knee replacement
Medical software licence underlines WORLDiscoveries success
Amazing spider mite silk key to new nanomaterial “stronger than steel”
‘Brain training’ may help treat post-traumatic stress, clinical trial finds
More evidence needed to inform policy on sending kids back to school
Law project examines pandemic’s impact on family justice
Incentive payments to physicians may reduce non-urgent ER visits
Rapid COVID-19 antibody test can check immune response
How do social media and loss of sleep affect young people’s mental health?
Northern Tornadoes Project verifies 77 tornadoes in Canada for 2020