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Researchers identify gene that regulates angle of root growth in corn
Imaging method predicts how well stem cells can differentiate into cardiac muscle cells
Biden-Harris Administration Issues Proposed Buy American Rule, Advancing President’s Commitment to Ensuring Future of America
Hearts from donors who used illicit drugs or overdosed safe for transplant, cuts wait time
Remarks by President Biden Celebrating 31st Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act
Better helmet to protect soldiers in combat
Research aims to give everyone fair shot at accessing COVID-19 vaccines
Long-Term Prognosis for Some Patients With Severe Brain Injury Better Than Expected, Study Shows
Long-term prognosis for some patients with severe brain injury better than expected
From sun to stars: journey of exoplanet discovery begins
Cleaner air has boosted U.S. corn and soybean yields, research shows
Mayo research provides insights into high-risk younger demographics for severe COVID-19
Space Health Institute Awards Four Postdoctoral Fellowships
Unconventional superconductor acts part of promising quantum computing platform
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Protecting Sacred, Constitutional Right to Vote
NC, Wisconsin, NY Students to Hear from Astronauts on Space Station
Pathfinder satellite paves way for constellation of tropical-storm observers
Hunting and hidden deaths led to estimated 30% reduction in Wisconsin’s wolf population
Oncotarget: Genome wide DNA methylation landscape reveals glioblastoma’s influence
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on June Jobs Report
Synthetic biology circuits can respond within seconds
Australian and US universities unite to counter cyber threats
Prioritize Home, Community-Based Services for Older People: US
U.S. President Biden Names Fifth Round of Judicial Nominees
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Jen Psaki En Route La Crosse, WI
Detroit-area flooding consistent with long-term precipitation trends under changing climate
Michigan Tech Researcher Opens Lake Superior Conference with a Focus on Communities
More than $11 million in research grants awarded for scientific exploration of disparities in cardio-oncology
U.S. President Biden Announces Six Key Nominations
Benjamin Sulman: Building better Earth system models
Ethane proxies for methane in oil and gas emissions
Midwest bumble bees declined with more farmed land, less diverse crops since 1870
SARS-CoV-2 infections may trigger antibody responses against multiple virus proteins
Study charts 60 years of treatments, health characteristics among people with dwarfism
Blood cancer patients with COVID-19 fare better with convalescent plasma
Vaccination, previous infection, protect against gamma variant in animal model
Vaccination, previous infection, protect against COVID-19 gamma/P.1 variant in animal model
Largest Research Grant in UConn History Awarded by National Science Foundation
Modeling COVID-19 infection based on movement can improve public health response
U.S. President Biden Announces 4th Slate of Judicial Nominations
Hippos and anthrax
NIH study offers new evidence of early SARS-CoV-2 infections in U.S
Studying hippo movement provides insights into anthrax outbreaks in Tanzania
Plant-based diet protects from hypertension, preeclampsia
Uncovering how low-protein diets might reprogram metabolism
Climate change a bigger threat to landscape biodiversity than emerald ash borer
Navy to Christen Littoral Combat Ship Canberra