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Research suggests new approach for treating inflammation
LEAD New York founder James Preston ’50 dies
Tiny capsules packed with gene-editing tools offer alternative to viral delivery of gene therapy
Machine learning and its radical application to severe weather prediction
Environmental Data Initiative receives second NSF grant
Climate change impacts Wisconsin’s inland lakes
Videos, music on tablets boost moods of dementia patients and caregivers
U.S. President Trump Approves Wisconsin Disaster Declaration
Mysterious cloud ‘absorbers’ seen to drive Venusian albedo, climate
What’s best way to cut vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions?
Andrew Resnick, MD, MBA, Named Chief Quality Officer at Brigham Health
Artificial intelligence could help data centers run far more efficiently
Health records pin broad set of health risks on genetic premutation
Mosquitoes push northern limits with time-capsule eggs to survive winters
Genetic redundancy aids competition among bacteria in symbiosis with squid
Single protein plays important dual shipping role in brain
‘Dr. Dirt’ worked with farmers to address water resource challenges
Researchers gaining a better understanding of perpetrators of intimate partner violence
University’s Dexter Voisin takes a deep dive into issues that drive neighbourhood violence
New link between endocannabinoids and exercise may help in treatment of depression
Analysis shows large decline in criminal sentencing race gap
Asian longhorned beetle larvae eat plant tissues that their parents cannot
Aspirin May Interact with Cells’ DNA Modifications to Alter Breast Cancer Outcomes
Low-income, black neighborhoods still hit hard by air pollution
Bending rules: A revolutionary new way for metals to be malleable
FSU study finds tourism industry pays lowest wages nationwide
UW study: Major surgery is associated with minor cognitive decline
Earth’s last magnetic field reversal took far longer than once thought
Daniel Freedman wins Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Water quality projects receive $1M in USDA grants
Fear of more dangerous second Zika, dengue infections unfounded in monkeys
Institute For Research On Poverty expands its health policy research
Thanks to science, parasite can have sex in mice, not just cats
A vision of nuclear energy buoyed by molten salt
Search for new semiconductors heats up with gallium oxide
Reducing farm greenhouse gas emissions may plant seed for a cooler planet
UW scholars receive major funding to study polarization and civic renewal
ORNL scientists make fundamental discovery to creating better crops
ASM Names University of Minnesota a Milestones in Microbiology Site
Two cultural sites added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List
Is wildfire management ‘for birds’?
Physicists use light waves to accelerate supercurrents, enable ultrafast quantum computing
Bridging gap between research and classroom
$10M gift boosts China and Asia-Pacific Studies Program
Vanderbilt among founders of EdPrepLab, new teacher and principal preparation initiative
Formula racers earn a top-10 finish, analyze data to find even more speed
Clarios launches as a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions
Inaugural Drawdown Scholars class arrives at Penn State