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New Origami Technique Folds Glass into Shapes
Mystery of Germline Mutation Rates Across Species Solved
CAR T Cells Show Promising Results in Myeloma Trial
Lymphoma treatment targets multiple diseases
Quantum playground for exploring light topology
Research: Good Looks Boost Consumer Engagement
Proposed Online University Aims to Bridge Education Gap in LDCs
Good looks drive consumer engagement, study finds
Drones Assess Crop Disease Severity
Cancer Cells and Macrophages Create Positive Feedback Loop to Fuel Liver Metastasis
Forest Edges Found to Protect Plant-Pollinator Networks
Nanoparticles Gather Sunlight for Energy Harvesting
Engineered Magic: Wooden Seed Carriers Mimic Burial of Seeds
Lifetime Estrogen Exposure Linked to Stroke Risk
Unexpected benefits from pollinators at edges of second-growth forests
Shield Blocks EM Interference, Allows Wireless Optics
Cancer Drugs Could Be Strengthened by Targeting New Pathway
Novel Protein Domain Key to Photosynthesis in Angiosperms
Researchers flip switch on electric control of crystal symmetry
Intelligent Computing: Cutting-Edge Technology
New Method Allows Soft Robots to Move Over Rough Terrain
TRPV1 Targeted for Long-Lasting Pain Relief by Allosteric Modulator
Prof. DU Zhenhong leads development of DDE Platform
UAVs Deliver First Aid Drugs to Emergency Patients Quickly
Yeast Produces Precursors of Anti-Cancer Drug Vinblastine
Humidity may be key to super-lubricity ‘switch’
Broccoli looks more like cauliflower in warmer world
Better nitrogen management yields more than it costs
Scientists Uncover Hexokinase 2’s Role in Microglial Activity
Water Waves Break Single Channel Scattering Limit
New progress in bioimaging from SI Ke’s group based on multi-feature deep learning
Photonic 3D Chern insulator realized
Scientists discover molecular mechanisms for virus-vector co-evolution
Squeezing of microwave fields by magnetostrictive interaction
Plant symbiotic fungus Metarhizium robertsii: bio-remediator for mercury pollution
Scientists develop non-invasive technique for mapping AQP4 expression
Why does anxiety lead to “sociophobia”?
Hangzhou Declaration released at ZJU, heralding new era of global cooperation in basic sciences
Nutritional supplement may offer new treatment to rare human intestinal disorder
Chinese and New Zealand Scientists dive to one of ocean’s deepest regions
Decoding six basic emotions from brain functional connectivity patterns
Researcher reveals how common fungus eliminates toxic mercury from soil and water
UB, world leader in research on liver cirrhosis
Time-restricted feeding can alleviate excessive dark-phase sleepiness, ZJU scientists discover
RNA m6A modification sensitizes oncogenic mRNA-Protein complex to heat stress via reverse regulating fate of its reader
Slimming and Greening Chinese Food System
Scientists fill information gap in process of ‘molecular arms race’ between coronaviruses and their hosts
Rare human intestinal disorder is due to reduction in protein synthesis