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A novel approach to realize DNA-free gene editing in plants
Ultraviolet radiant energy-dependent functionalization regulates cellular behaviors on TiO2 nanodots
Asian Civilizations Project released
Interconnections pattern across earth microbial communities uncovered
Turn it up: Researchers optimise air conditioners to prevent drivers losing their cool
Recent study offers new insights on a hereditary eye disease
A plant strengthener found to suppress insect pest populations, increases crop yields
Oxygen from engineered algae to treat hypoxic cancer
ZJU climbs to 53 in QS World University Rankings 2021
ZJU Scientists report a new circuit and molecular mechanisms underlying pain regulation
ZJU Scientists report a new circuit and molecular mechanisms underlying pain regulation
ZJU4H’s Handbook of FAQs about COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Released
A novel knockout mice model sheds light on ferroptosis and cirrhosis
‘Face-customized’ goggles to aid anti-epidemic measures
HIC calls for global talent
Chinese, American scientists leading efforts on COVID-19
‘Talkative power’ is possible, ZJU electronic engineers show
What is real culprit of smoking-inducing COPD?
A timely and multifaceted control strategy is effective for mitigation of COVID-19
Top 10 ZJU Academic Advances 2019
Enigma behind non-random DNA segregation unveiled
Defining a safe and just space for people and planet
Targeted delivery to tumor realized through drug-loaded microalgae
SPA held a UN75 Dialogues Event
Rice varieties showed worldwide propensity to go feral
Another four convergence research projects under Innovation 2030 launched
Study of COVID-19 Risk Communication Finds ‘Optimistic Bias’ Slows Preventive Behavior
Key role of non-coding RNAs identified for metabolic diseases in liver transplant recipients
A universal SMP gripper designed with massive and selective abilities
A breakthrough in an atlas of all human cells by ZJU scientists
A self-adaptive invisibility cloak developed in ZJU
Universal “panda blood” developed by engineering cell surfaces
Microplastic Fibers Linked to Respiratory, Reproductive Changes in Fish
Novel disinhibitory circuit identified for regulation of seizure in TLE
Your smartphone may be tapped via a zero-permission app, a study showed
A non-invasive nanosensor developed for real-time monitoring of neuronal activities
Part IV: Prospects of brain-computer interface
A new “employee” in isolation ward of ZJU’s Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
Fund for Prevention and Control of Viral Infectious Diseases set up
Post-translational modification of PGK1 found as a key signal in tumor growth
Top 10 ZJU news stories of 2019 in arts and humanities
ZJU researchers design optical cameras mounted on Long March 5 latest mission
ZJU establishes new School of Brain Science and Brain Medicine
Top 10 stories of 2019 that shape ZJU
Intriguing story behind an autoimflammatory disease published in Nature
Hybrid macrofiber with spider silk-like supertoughness
3rd ZJU-UTokyo Joint Symposium on Integrated Biosciences convened in CAB
Frontiers of quantum computing and sensing: 10 Sci & Tech questions