Tasmanian economy going backwards with Will Hodgman

  • Tasmania’s economy lagging behind other states
  • Jobless rate, wages worst in the country
  • The ANZ’s Stateometer June Quarter Report has revealed that under Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein, Tasmania’s economy is growing below trend and slowing down.

    The Report also details Tasmania’s high jobless rate and low wage growth.

    Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said for all their boasting, the Liberals were failing to grow jobs and failing to grow the economy.

    “The ANZ Report confirms that the Golden Age promised by the Liberals is a lie,” Mr Bacon said.

    “Tasmania has the worst jobless rate in Australia, and as the recent CommSec report showed – under Will Hodgman the jobs market is our greatest weakness.

    “It’s not enough that Tasmanians are less likely to have a job than people in other states, but when they do finally get a job, they get paid the least in the country.”

    Scott Bacon MP

    Shadow Treasurer