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Monetary Stimulus Reduced
Skills Priority List Lacks Vision
Government actions deliver a better future
Pay boost for public sector workers
Dom’s wages con job
2.5% increase for minimum wage and award workers, but increases for hard-hit sectors delayed
UCLA Anderson Forecast: Pent-up demand for leisure and hospitality, recreation, health care will fuel recovery
No economic recovery for workers without wage rise
ABC survey finds majority of Australians feel effects of insecure work as society becomes more unequal
Housing data bad news for first home buyers
Australian wages and household income higher because of mining
Workers rally outside Harvey Norman stores across country to support minimum wage increase
New report finds Morrison siding with business against workers and recovery on wages
Accessing super and increased debt during COVID will have lifelong consequences: new BSL report
Not right time, not right taxes
Essential public workers short-changed in Budget
More than one million Australians desperate for more hours and reliable incomes
Wages rose 0.6% in March quarter 2021: Australia
What is new Super Guarantee in 2021? 12 May
Crack in staffing cap
Morrison Government chooses more insecure work, lower wages
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with New Zealand
What is new Super Guarantee in 2021?
Budget 2021: Why government needs to help young workers avoid labour market scarring
ANZ Job Ads continues its streak
NT Chief Minister not a Gun on economics
ACTU warns 2021 Budget will be judged against wages crisis, insecure work and women’s participation
Greater focus on more jobs for Cessnock City
PSA Member Professional Indemnity Insurance
Unions reject big business calls for delay to minimum wage increase
Inflation data disguises continued higher cost of living for poorest
Morrison Government fails its own workforce – again
Pandemic’s Effect on Measured Wage Growth
Recovery must be shared through wage increases
Service sector key to future wages growth
No return to normal until 2022, if ever: CEO survey
Minimum wage increase essential to economic recovery
Polling shows workers will punish votes for IR bill
Super rate increase will power economic growth, job creation and wage rises
Demerger Disgrace
Enterprise bargaining produces superior wage outcomes for finance workers
ACTU stands with NT gas plant workers fighting for fair pay
GDP increases, but 2 million under or unemployed and 1.3 million still reliant on JobKeeper
ANZ Job Ads continue to escalate
Proposed rorting of superannuation will reduce housing affordability and decimate retirement savings
Average earnings fall slightly with low paid jobs recovery: Australia
Tax reform required to keep house prices in check
Record low wage growth threatens economic recovery