Unlicensed Investigation services

Australian Institute of Professional Investigators

The Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI) is concerned at the use of unlicensed investigators by businesses and local government entities in South Australia.

The Security and Investigation Industry Act 1995 (the Act) establishes the qualifications and licence provisions for Investigation Agents in South Australia. The South Australian public is protected by this legislation which is administered by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) of the Attorney General’s Department.

As such, the South Australian public; the private sector; and government, are protected by legislation and enforcement regarding unlicensed investigators.

South Australian licensed Investigation Agents have undergone vocational training as required by the Act and pay a licence fee to work in this State.

An Investigation Agent’s licence is not universal such as a driver’s licence. Registration in another State or Territory does not entitle an investigator to work lawfully in South Australia. Outcomes of investigations by unlicensed persons may compromise the outcome of an investigation – it may be deemed to have been an unlawful investigation and hold no legal merit.

The AIPI recommends that potential clients check that their investigator of choice is licensed by checking the CBS website: https://secure.cbs.sa.gov.au/OccLicPubReg/LicenceSearch.phpand also suggests they engage a member of a professional Association.

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