U.S. President Biden’s Remarks After Visiting Site of Collapsed Fern Hollow Bridge

The White House

Frick Park

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1:30 P.M. EST

Q Mr. President, what do you think of the site?

THE PRESIDENT: It’s incredible. I mean, this is — first of all, these guys deserve an incredible amount of credit going down here. And while this was going on, they tell me the gas leak was — explain what you said to me about the noise.

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: There was just a very loud — like a jet engine. (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: And you can see — you see it coming out on the other side of the concrete there, this side, up by the crane. And were you worried that that — that there had been an explosion or that there had been a collapse?

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: We weren’t sure whether the gas had caused this or whether the leak was, you know, a result of —


LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: — the bridge collapse. So we just weren’t sure at that time.

THE PRESIDENT: How long did it take the company to shut off the gas?


LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: I’d say about a half hour.

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: Half hour, 45 minutes. So that was just continuing outside of the — out in the air.

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: So there’s — obviously there’s another line right here as well.

THE PRESIDENT: On this side as well, yeah.

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: Yeah. So that was rushing out. So —

THE PRESIDENT: And it was probably too early for joggers to be down there.

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: There was a few joggers actually. There was a few. One of them actually helped us get some people out of the cars there. So —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I’ll be damned.


LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: It’s a miracle, Mr. President. It’s a miracle.

THE PRESIDENT: It really is. It really is. It’s astounding.

You all realize — I’ve been coming to Pittsburgh a long time and as a former Pennsylvanian. But I didn’t realize there are literally more bridges in Pittsburgh than in any other city in the world. Did you know? More than in Venice.

I mean, I knew there are a lot of bri- — I had no idea that. And we’re going to — they’re going to fix them all. Not a joke. This is going to be a gigantic change. And there’s 43,000 nationwide. And we’re sending the money.

And, by the way, we’re going to give you guys more money too — cops.


LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: Thank you, sir. We appreciate that.


1:33 P.M. EST

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