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New quantum dot study finds implications for biological imaging
Study Shows Promise of New Anti-KRAS Drug for Pancreatic Cancer
Abandoned House Repairs Reduced Nearby Gun Violence
Vitreous detection offers computational windfalls for researchers across disciplines
Nurturing commitment to HopkinsLocal mission
Immortal holiday suicide myth
Federated machine learning enables largest brain tumor study to-date, without sharing patient data
Penn State CTSI core services expand to include implementation science
Federal Reserve Board announces approval of application by Farmers National Banc Corp
Peek of How Ketamine Acts as ‘Switch’ in Brain
MRNA vaccines offer one-two punch in fighting malaria
Empires and entrepreneurs
Researchers identify potential genetic variants linked to increased cancer risk in kids with birth defects
Finds from 2,000-year-old shipwrecks at Uluburun reveal complex trade network
Earthquake lab experiments produce aftershock-like behavior
Female monkeys ‘actively reduce’ social network as they age
Ensuring Fair Distribution of Pennsylvania’s $1 Billion+ Opioid Settlement
New approach to detect oxygen consumption in brain
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Growing Economy and Creating Good-Paying Jobs
Minor scars on face do not have negative effects on first impression
Diagnoses of suicidal ideation increased among black pregnant women in 10-year study
Interior Department Takes Action to Reduce Methane Releases on Public and Tribal Lands
Penn Develops mRNA Flu Vaccine
Penn Researchers Develop 20 Subtypes of mRNA Flu Vaccine to Protect Against Future Flu Pandemics
Primate study ties importance of social environment to molecular markers of age in brain
Research of wild primates links importance of social environment to molecular markers of age in brain
First-of-its-kind whole lung simulator helps predict new treatments and vaccines for tuberculosis
CAR T Cell Therapy Reaches Beyond Cancer
Do acquisitions harm acquired brand? Identify conditions that reduce negative impact
UPMC’S Third Quarter Financial Results Reflect Current Healthcare Environment as UPMC Continues To Invest
Phase 2 trial of ChulaCov19 BNA159 mRNA Vaccine to start in Australia
New process developed to extract high purity rare earth element oxides
What shapes composition of microbes in singer’s gut?
Recreate adrenal gland in petri dish
Deeply Rooted Program Awards 22 ‘Community Green Grants’
Can guaranteed income improve health?
NIH awards $12 million for antiviral therapeutic development
Health care utilization varies among people with spinal cord injury
NASA Awards Contract for Liquid Helium Acquisition at Kennedy
Berks center examines how telephone poles can help stop spotted lanternfly
Study reveals ability of microbes to leap across dental surfaces
Oncotarget | Mutation analysis performed on tumor biopsies from patients with newly-diagnosed germinal center aggressive B cell
What US adults know and believe about polio and bivalent COVID booster
Ray-finned fish survived mass extinction event
How emerging drug class dampens harmful immune reactions
CHOP-led Study Shows that Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes in Gut Make C. difficile More Infectious
Half of patients in telemedicine program for opioid use disorder current with medication month later
CareConnect Lowers Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Barriers