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Male Sparrows Are Less Intimidated by Songs of Aging Rivals
Redesigning Centennial Park to care for Australia’s endangered animals
Power struggles: How Tennessee became more racially and politically divided
Things to Do at Penn State: Jan. 16-23
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Designate Individuals to Key Administration Posts
Submission window for 2020 Open Innovation Challenge is open
SuperTIGER on its second prowl – 130,000 feet above Antarctica
Conference to launch research into policies affecting teacher leadership
Losing Tongue Fat Improves Sleep Apnea
Penn Medicine Shows Giving Entire Course of Radiation Treatment in Less Than a Second is Feasible
Penn Study Paves Way for New Vaccines to Protect Infants Against Infections
Planet WASP-12b is on a death spiral, say scientists
Twenty-one Nominations Sent to Senate
UO professor named American Mathematical Society fellow
Direct-to-Consumer Fertility Tests Confuse and Mislead Consumers, Penn Study Shows
When Automotive Assembly Plants Close, Deaths from Opioid Overdoses Rise
Proton therapy as effective as standard radiation with fewer side effects
Proton Therapy Lowers Risk of Side Effects in Cancer Patients Compared to Traditional Radiation
Popular Gyms Undermining Health with Tanning Beds, UConn Researcher Says
Penn Researchers Predict 10-Year Breast Cancer Recurrence with MRI Scans
Alzheimer’s study shows promise in protecting brain from tau
Patients with Acute Leukemia Who Are Treated with Common Therapy Have Increased Risk for Heart Failure
BCMA-Targeted Immunotherapy Can Lead to Durable Responses in Multiple Myeloma
Four things you might not know about Christmas
Researchers Make Robots From Self-Folding Kirigami Materials
Convention Avenue Temporarily Close Penn Removes Crane New Hospital Construction Site
Drug-resistant superbug deploys sentinels to warn of attack
Time Has Come. Congress, Pass USMCA
How extreme environmental conditions affect human brain
UW scientist to lead NASA field study of East Coast snowstorms
Imperial wins €8 million in ERC funding for blue skies research
Giving Common Antibiotic Before Radiation May Help Body Fight Cancer
Lymphoma Patients May Have New Path to Remission, Even When CAR T Therapy Fails
Genomic features of AML in patients over age 60 can predict success of bone marrow stem cell
New international research project to study religion’s impact on family size and child health
Outlook for polar regions in a 2 degrees warmer world
A Ride to Remember
Women wearing hijabs in news stories may be judged negatively
Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference to be held Dec. 11-13
Eight Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to Senate
New Study Shows Link Between Precipitation, Climate Zone and Invasive Cancer Rates in U.S
Seeking Natural Solutions for a Manmade Problem
Turning Key Metabolic Process Back On Could Make Sarcoma More Susceptible to Treatment
Federal Reserve announces College Fed Challenge winners
Using Artificial Intelligence to determine whether immunotherapy is working
Tracking Archeological History of Southeastern New Mexico
An introduction – Secretary of Air Force Barbara M. Barrett
Growing diversity does not increase votes for anti-immigration candidates