Wait times slashed at Service SA

Wait times at Service SA centres are being slashed by 30 per cent and more people than ever are transacting online as key reforms deliver better services, new data has revealed.

Several new measures as part of a new in-store trial at Service SA centres has helped reduced total wait and transaction times by around two minutes on average.

The new data has revealed that;

  • Total wait times have reduced by almost two minutes on average;
  • Total times (wait and transaction) have reduced by two minutes on average;
  • Online transactions have increased by 1.5 million transactions from 2015 to 2019 (from 3.02 million to 4.54 million);
  • Face-to-Face Service SA transactions have decreased by over 100,000 transactions from 2015 to 2019; and,
  • Online transactions now represent 57.6% of total transactions, up from 42.9% 5 years ago; and,
  • Face-to-Face transactions now represent 29.7% of total transactions, down from 38.4% 5 years ago.

“We went to the election with a clear commitment to deliver better services, and that is exactly what we are getting on with,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“We have been modernising the way we deliver these services and now we are seeing a reduction in wait times and transaction times.”

Minister Knoll added that new data has also revealed that face-to-face Service SA transactions have decreased by 100,000 in four years, proving more people are choosing to transact online than go in store.

“No one likes waiting in line, and not only are we actively addressing this issue, but we are delivering results,” said Minster Knoll.

“This data shows that not only are people waiting less time, but that there are less people waiting – that’s a win-win for everyone.

“We will continue to work with the community on their transaction options so they can go online and save time and money.

“Obviously not everyone wants to or is able to transact online, but there are still a lot of people who could be transacting online instead of taking time out of their day to go to a Service SA centre.

“The five-year trend clearly shows more people are choosing to transact online and less people are opting to conduct transactions in store.

“Our reforms, including making it easier to transact on your smartphone, are clearly helping people do more online and save them an unnecessary trip to a Service SA centre.”

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