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Jetstar unveils new livery for its new Airbus A321LR fleet as delivery countdown begins
Tax credits customers warned about scammers posing as HMRC
Reducing screen time increases physical activity in kids
Glass and energy reform: Sustainable production thanks to electricity?
Athletic track’s winning restoration
Euroa Community Cinema grand re-opening
How to break up with your phone
Technique protects privacy when making online recommendations
CBSA provides tips this Victoria Day long weekend to help ensure smoother trip for all travellers
Learning about discourse on sustainable development and analytical thinking
Better Bus Connections For Melbourne’s North-East
Thirty-eight Tokyo Tech accessibility leaders certified in AY 2021
Research of train travel pre- and during Covid suggests three ways to make commuting less stressful
Light field-fast computing
New Bill to level up nation
Shopping made easier for customers with new way to pay
Opioid overdose detection patch under development, funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse
Research points to ways of involving visually impaired people in environmental disaster prevention
Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate
Candy-coated pills could prevent pharmaceutical fraud
UK Government sets out plans for how tech regulator will tackle dominance of major firms
New wearable technology – for plants
We’ve created a device that could allow instant disease diagnosis – while fitting inside your phone lens
New studies show special mental health risks for certain groups of new doctors
University of Missouri grant boosts public health messaging to parents considering various vaccines for their children
Hidden spy cameras have “nowhere to hide”
2.1 million annual tax credits packs to be issued
Computer Security: Log in. Click. Be secure
Tech designed to aid visually impaired could benefit from human-AI collaboration
Your Eyes Control Your Smartphone Via New Gaze-Tracking Tool
Expanded screening tool could improve substance use disorder diagnosis, treatment
PlantVillage receives Cisco Foundation grant to help communities capture carbon
Edible, fluorescent silk tags can suss out fake medications
MIT OpenCourseWare launches NextGen platform
3D printing smart clothes with new liquid metal-alginate ink
Free photography workshops in Gladstone and Willawarrin
Researchers find 10 new black hole mergers hiding in data from LIGO and Virgo
Dengue detection smartphone tech reveals new hope for low-cost diagnostics
Researchers Develop Glass-in-Glass Fabrication Approach for Making Miniature IR Optics
Selfies may drive plastic surgery by distorting facial features
UGA team develops faster, cheaper COVID tests
L.A.’s injury rate from e-scooters may exceed national rate for motorcycles
Pitt electrical and computer engineers uncover hardware security vulnerability on android phones
New Director and Deputy Director for King’s Clinical Academic Training Office
Increasing access to health care by investing in telehealth
WHO launches guidance on digitally documenting SARS-CoV-2 test results
Positive impacts of Flash blood glucose monitoring on blood sugar and quality of life
Folding design leads to heart sensor with smaller profile