Waves of Migration – museum’s dynamic rooftop projection welcomes delegates to the Internaitonal Metropolis Conference

Waves of Migration – museum’s dynamic rooftop projection welcomes delegates to the International Metropolis Conference.

Monday 29 October – Sunday 4 November 2018, from 7.30pm nightly

Australian Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour

Waves of Migration, a dynamic light show exploring the history of migration to Australia, will screen nightly on the Australian National Maritime Museum’s iconic roofline during the International Metropolis Conference, from this evening until Sunday 4 November 2018.

The screening welcomes delegates who are attending the International Metropolis Conference held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in the Darling Harbour precinct this week. The conference explores the latest thinking and practices in migration policy, research and programs and is attended by academic, government and community world leaders.

“Waves of Migration tells the compelling story of those who have crossed the seas to settle in Australia,” said Kevin Sumption PSM, Director & CEO of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

“We are thrilled to project this from the museum roofline for visitors to the precinct while Australia hosts the largest annual gathering of experts in the fields of migration and diversity.”

Waves of Migration is a thought-provoking eight-minute animation following the journey of boats, across oceans and cultures through the passage of time. It depicts a captivating array of personal stories from British convicts and early settlers, to Jewish refugees and displaced persons from war-torn Europe, Ten Pound Poms, Vietnamese boat people and seaborne asylum seekers from Afghanistan.

Opening and closing with the image of an Indigenous fisherman in Botany Bay, the light show acknowledges that Indigenous Australians are the only people to have witnessed all the waves of migration to this country, making it the multicultural country it is today.

This year’s International Metropolis Conference is hosted by a consortium, led by Settlement Services International (SSI), in partnership with Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) and Multicultural NSW (MNSW).

Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams said the NSW Government was delighted to be supporting the International Metropolis Conference.

“I can think of no better city than Sydney to host a leading global conference on migration and settlement,” Mr Williams said.

“NSW is one of the most multicultural states in the world. Metropolis is an opportunity to showcase our rich migrant heritage and identity on the international stage.”

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