Will Hodgman’s ambulance crisis “worst it’s ever been”

  • Will Hodgman refuses to listen to exhausted paramedics
  • Ambulance service at breaking point, lives being put at risk
  • Will Hodgman continues to fail hardworking paramedics and the whole Tasmanian community as he does nothing to fix the ambulance crisis.

    Tasmania’s health union has called the situation the “worst it has ever been“.

    Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said last night there were five stations without an ambulance crew.

    “Communities in Bridgewater, Glenorchy, Mornington, Kingston and Nubeena last night had no local ambulance available because of Will Hodgman’s failure to properly invest in health,” Ms Lovell said.

    “People’s lives are being put at risk by a Government that just does not care about local communities.

    “Paramedics are desperate to be out there doing their jobs and providing people with the help they need.

    “Instead, thanks to Will Hodgman, ambos are stuck on hospital ramps, or travelling from one end of the state to another to help cover areas that would otherwise be left vulnerable, like they were last night.

    “This is not good enough. Tasmanians deserve so much better. Why isn’t Will Hodgman doing anything to help exhausted paramedics and fix the health crisis?”

    Sarah Lovell MLC

    Shadow Health Minister