Workshops build project management knowledge

A record number of CFA employees have honed their project management skills in 2019.

Workshops build project management knowledge

In the past 12 months, 156 staff in various locations attended sessions of the Practical Project Management workshop.

The Community Service Delivery Project Management Office (CSD PMO) delivered this hands-on training in a full-day workshop, and because of the number of requests CSD PMO ran additional sessions in Belmont, Boronia, Bendigo, Chirnside Park, Dandenong, Sale, Traralgon and Wangaratta.

CSD PMO Program Manager Cassie Pennicuik developed the sessions because of frequent enquiries and to help CFA improve project management. The training draws on CFA’s PME Framework (based on PRINCE 2 project management methodology) to enhance the knowledge and understanding of employees who deliver projects or are interested in becoming involved in the wide range of projects that CFA delivers.

“We use a range of CFA-based examples to demonstrate tried and tested methodology to define, scope and execute a project, as close to on time and on budget as possible,” Cassie said.

“We go through a range of Project Management Excellence (PME) templates and documentation such as concept briefs, project plans and change requests, and we work through case studies and complete activities that encourage participants to put what they’ve learned into practice.”

Cassie also facilitates these workshops along with CSD PMO Project Manager Georgie Burmeister.

“It’s great to see so many people interested in these workshops, taking the skills they’ve gained to apply to their roles. They also have a broader organisational benefit of increasing awareness across CFA of the importance of delivering projects in measured, structured and financially responsible ways,” Cassie said.

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