Year of Ox celebrated with new stamp issue

Australia Post

Year of the Ox celebrated with new stamp issue

Australia Post has released a new set of stamps to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year and welcome the Year of the Ox, which begins on 12 February.

Lunar New Year, also called the Spring Festival in China, is the most important of the traditional festivals celebrated by Asian cultures throughout the world and is considered a time to complete unfinished business and settle debts to begin the New Year with a clean slate.

Australia Post General Manager Philatelic Michael Zsolt said he hoped this year’s stamps would help connect people who may not be able to celebrate together this year.

“Lunar New Year is traditionally a time for relatives and friends to come together to exchange gifts and take part in big celebrations,” he said.

“Given the present unpredictable nature of gatherings and travel, we hope these beautifully designed stamps will encourage people to continue the great tradition of gift-giving at this time”.

Designed by Chrissy Lau, an award-winning illustrator based in Sydney, the stamps feature the traditional lucky colours of gold and red and were inspired by ornaments and flowers that are said to invite wealth and good fortune.

$1.10 Ox

In this design, the Ox is holding a Chinese coin in his mouth similar to Feng Shui frog ornaments used in Chinese culture to attract wealth. The Ox is relaxing in a rice paddy with water lilies in between his legs. Subtle coin patterns decorate the body of the Ox.

$2.20 Ox

In this design, the Ox has a cloud pattern on his body, representing good fortune and auspiciousness. Inspired by Feng Shui ornaments, the Ox carries three gold ingots and a longevity knot decoration.

$3.30 Ox

In this design, the Ox is depicted with chrysanthemum flowers, symbolising joy, happiness and longevity, and a necklace of golden coins for good luck.

The stamps and associated products are on sale now at participating Post Offices, via mail order on 1800 331 794, and online while stocks last.

Additional products associated with this stamp issue include a minisheet, stamp pack and a zodiac sheet depicting all 12 zodiac signs – a total of 15 separate designs.

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