2021 Australian of Year Grace Tame has potential to change community attitudes about violence against women

Our Watch

Our Watch CEO Patty Kinnersly has congratulated Grace Tame on becoming Australian of the Year. 

Grace Tame was the first Tasmanian to receive a court order that allowed her to publicly identify herself as a sexual abuse survivor, after her and others’ tireless advocacy through the #Let Her Speak campaign overturned a ‘gag law’ in that state.

Ms Kinnersly said Grace’s story was incredibly powerful, and her work vitally important in achieving the historic change to the law.

“When survivors are able to tell their own stories, on their own terms, it can have a massive impact on changing community attitudes, values and beliefs about violence against women,” Ms Kinnersly said. 

“We know from the evidence that one of the drivers of violence against women is the condoning of it, which includes attitudes about what a woman is wearing, or excusing or downplaying men’s actions. 

“When survivors tell their stories, these false beliefs can be challenged, helping the community build new and better social norms that make it clear that violence against women is always wrong. 

“It’s vital that sexual assault survivor voices are heard, and that women’s voices are central to

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