A friendly sole? Little fish prefers company of humans as it refuses to swim out to lake

The small creature wasn’t interested in exploring the water – instead preferring to swim right up to shore

This is the adorable moment a little fish clearly decided it preferred the company of humans, desperately swimming back to shore and jumping into their hands.

The tiny creature can be swimming towards the outstretched hands of onlookers standing by the side of the lake.

Several times, people gathered to get a closer look at the fish can be seen throwing the creature back into the lake.

But the stubborn animal refused to go and explore, instead preferring to spend time with humans.

The clip has now been viewed more than 84,700 times since it was uploaded to LiveLeak.com just 24 hours ago.

Friendly fish
Friendly fish

It is believed the fish was swimming in a lake in China, although the exact location remains unclear.

After watching the footage, viewers soon developed a soft spot for the fish.

Friendly fish
The onlookers couldn’t get enough of the friendly fish

One wrote: I just hope it didn’t end up as dinner that night .”

But others were less impressed with the group’s treatment of the fish, sarcastically added: “‘Look people, let’s hold it out of the water for selfies until it dies!!”

(Source: Mirror)