Australia’s Native Waterbirds Doomed

The Coalition Against Duck Shooting’s Campaign Director Laurie Levy said today: “At a time when drought and climate change across eastern Australia are decimating our native waterbirds and wildlife, one thing has now become painfully, and sadly clear – Australia’s native waterbirds cannot survive the next four years of a ‘progressive’ Andrews Labor Government.

“Native waterbirds presently in Victoria have sought refuge from the severe drought in Queensland and New South Wales, but instead of being protected from the shooters’ guns by the Andrews Government, these birds will now become cannon fodder and flying targets, just so a dwindling number of Victorian duck shooters can get their kicks.

“The only thing that can save Australia’s native waterbirds is a Royal Commission.

“The two most progressive politicians in Victoria today who should be in charge of Australia’s native waterbirds are the Animal Justice Party’s Andy Meddick and the Liberals’ James Newbury,” Levy concluded.

/Public Release.