Bali Chef Calls Out And Australia Responds With $80k In 1 Day

Sunday Press

Bali chef, Dean Keddell, sat and waited for the crowds to come back. Closing his two successful Bali restaurants, Ginger Moon Canteen and Jackson Lily’s, was the last thing on his radar, but when COVID-19 hit the island, his world turned upside down. Not a man to sit back and do nothing, Dean saw the devastation around him and took action.

Yesterday he made the call to ask Australians to help him out, and his Chuffed fundraiser campaign shot up from $20,000 to over $100,000 in just one day. Such is the love of Australians for Bali. With over one million Australian visitors to the holiday island every year, many people wanted to give back some love and provide some comfort and support. They preordered over 1,000 cookbooks. Dean hopes to sell 5,000.
“I saw first-hand the effect COVID was having on the local Balinese people,” Dean said. “Just with my business alone, I had to lay off 85 staff and keep only 50 on standby.”
Unsure what to do with staff while his two businesses were on lockdown, Dean decided to keep them busy by collecting local and family recipes and produce a recipe book. He is now using that as a fundraiser for five local charities.
“We are now producing a beautiful, large hardcover cookbook, Our Bali Your Bali (Bali Kita Bali Kamu), which will incorporate lots of colourful imagery, family and community stories, as well as local recipes and a collection from both my restaurant kitchens,” he said.
The cookbook is seeking funding by asking people to pre-order books from the crowd funder, The campaign is called Bali Needs Our Help and Dean is keen to ask everybody in Australia who has ever visited the island to support the cause by purchasing one of his books. The project aims to raise over $150,000 with proceeds (after costs) going to five local charities which have been badly hit.
“The charities we have chosen are the backbone of Balinese society – they support the poor and vulnerable at the best of times. Now with this pandemic, many more families have joined the ranks of the needy, while the charities have found themselves unable to raise their normal funds.”
“I know for sure that cashflows are at critical levels and these charities need financial aid to continue their wonderful support of local families with food, clothing, education and environmental needs.
The five charities that will receive funding from the project are:
Bali Children’s Foundation – helping thousands of local children to complete school and to find employment.
Scholars of Sustenance – combatting the effects of COVID-19 by providing nutrition to those in need.
Friends of the National Parks Foundation – working to protect wildlife and their habitats, at the same time supporting local communities.
East Bali Poverty Project – helping people to help themselves
Bali Wise by R.O.L.E Foundation – empowering marginalized women through skills education, as a means to develop sustainable communities.
If you have ever visited Bali or plan to enjoy some time on our tropical island,” said Dean, “please support us and buy a book. I promise you’ll love all the stories, photos and local recipes. Bali’s warm and sincere hospitality has been captured between the covers so we can bring our precious Bali to you”.
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