Belarus v Northern Ireland Euro 2020 qualifying Travel Advice

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Borisov Arena

Travel advice for fans travelling to Belarus for the Belarus v Northern Ireland Euro 2020 qualifying match on 11 June 2019.

Date: Tuesday 11 June 2019

Venue: Borisov Arena, Borisov

Kick-off time: 9:45pm local time

In addition to the following information, please check out our travel advice for Belarus.

Passports and visas

  • All British national passport holders (except those entering on a diplomatic or official passport) can now enter Belarus for a maximum of 30 days without a visa (the day you arrive counts as day one, regardless of arrival time).
  • Visa free entry and exit will only be allowed at Minsk International Airport and you’ll need to show documentary evidence of medical insurance to the value of 10,000 euros and funds equivalent to 25 euros per day. This can be in the form of cash, credit card or travellers cheques in any currency.
  • If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, or plan to enter on a diplomatic or official passport, you’ll need a visa.
  • If you’re travelling immediately from/to a Russian airport you’ll need a visa.
  • If you enter Belarus at any other border point other than Minsk International Airport then this visa-free arrangement doesn’t apply and you’ll need a visa.
  • your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 3 months from the date of entry into Belarus
  • anyone staying for more than 5 days in Belarus must register online or with the local police office (OVIR) in the district in which they are staying. Registration will normally be arranged by your hotel. If you’re not staying in a hotel registration must be organised by your host. There are fines for not registering in time.

Getting to/from the airport

Minsk airport is located 40 km from Minsk and 65 km from Borisov. Visitors mostly prefer to stay in Minsk and travel to Borisov for the match.

To Minsk

It takes 35 to 40 minutes to get from the airport to Minsk city centre by taxi; taxis are the most convenient way to get to central Minsk; for a journey to Minsk city centre expect to pay between 30 to 40 BYN (Belarusian roubles). 1 GBP ~ 2.60 BYN.

Remember to always ask about the price before you start your journey.

Buses run a 24/7 (every 20 to 30 minutes during the day) service from the airport to the central bus/railway station. The price is 4 BYN. Details on departure times and route can be found on the Minsk International Airport website.

To Borisov

Taxi is the only option to get from the airport to Borisov. It takes 50 to 60 minutes to get to Borisov city centre. For this journey expect to pay between 70 to 80 BYN.

Getting to the stadium: Borisov Arena

There will be coaches organised by for the fans coming from Minsk. Coaches will depart from Lenin street (metro station Pershamayskaya) opposite to the Concert Hall Minsk

From Minsk (70 km)

  • taxis are considered the easiest and most convenient way to get to the stadium from Minsk, but also the most expensive. You should expect to pay approximately 60 to 70 BYN
  • if you take a local train from the Minsk Passazhyrskiy railway station (central railway station) to Pechinskiy station (1 km from Borisov Arena) it takes 60 to 90 minutes to reach the stadium
  • there is also a fast train from Minsk Passazhyrskiy to Borisov station (7 km from Borisov Arena). You should then take a taxi from the station to reach Borisov Arena (approximate price is 7 BYN)
  • it’s better to use the fast train on the way to Borisov as well as on the way back to Minsk as local train don’t run regularly and can be slow
  • small buses to Borisov (called marshrutka) depart every 10 to 20 minutes from the metro station Vostok (eastern part of the city, close to the National Library) and cost 4 BYN. They stop at Borisov bus station which is 3 km to Borisov Arena. Please remember that on your way back to Minsk you can’t use this transport option as the last bus departs at 9 pm.

From Borisov

  • the Borisov Arena is located in the Western part of the city. The easiest way to get to the stadium is by taxi, the cost of which to the site from any part of the city shouldn’t exceed 10 BYN
  • give yourself plenty of time to travel regardless of which mode of transport you choose. While taxis are your best option mainly, there are not many of them, and demand for their services will be high

The match

Where fans should enter the stadium

  • Northern Ireland supporters will be seated in sectors G1 and G2 – see the stadium plan

  • to enter the stadium you should use gates located between sectors G1 and F4

  • places for disabled supporters will be available places in sectors A1, A2 and A3. To enter your places please use gates located between sectors E1 and D3

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Stadium scheme

Entry procedures access to the stadium can be slow. Expect to be searched. To avoid last minute delays get to the stadium at least 90 minutes before the kick-off.

Restrictions In addition to items which would usually be prohibited in the UK, the following items are not allowed in the stadium: flares, fireworks, alcohol, cans, glass, plastic bottles or containers, lighters – if you do bring any of these items they’ll be confiscated by the Belarusian authorities.

Local information

Climate and time

The average temperature in June is around 16ºC. You can find weather information here

Minsk is plus 2 hours BST


The main languages are Belarusian and Russian.


  • crime levels in Minsk are generally low, but muggings do occur from time to time
  • take sensible precautions: be vigilant, avoid carrying large sums of money and try to avoid walking alone at night

Personal security

  • look after your personal belongings, in particular your passport and your money
  • carry a photocopy of the personal details pages of your passport and keep it in a safe place separate from your passport

Disabled travellers

  • the Belarusian authorities have advised that there will be a designated area at the stadium for supporters with disabilities
  • generally, while things are steadily improving, Minsk has limited facilities for the disabled traveller – the pavements, even on the main roads can be difficult to negotiate for those with disabilities

Road safety

  • pedestrians should be vigilant at all times when crossing roads; red traffic lights and zebra crossings don’t necessarily mean a car will stop; use the underpasses where available
  • when using a taxi make sure it has working seatbelts; some cars are poorly maintained
  • accidents happen, mainly due to poor or reckless driving and inconsistent enforcement of traffic rules
  • do not ‘jay walk’ – cross the road only when the green man alights. You’re liable to be fined if you do jay walk


  • most of the population of Belarus is Christian (mostly Orthodox); Belarus is a largely secular society and religion is usually considered a private matter
  • respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure they don’t offend other cultures or religious beliefs


  • the international dialling code for Belarus in +375; before travelling check with your mobile phone provider that it will work in Minsk
  • local sim cards are available with Velcom, MTS and Life being the leading mobile operators; you can buy local sim cards only in the mobile operator’s shops showing your passport


  • all goods and services are paid in local currency (Belarusian Rouble – BYN); sterling, US dollars and Euros are easily exchanged; major hotels and international supermarkets and restaurants accept credit and debit cards
  • ATMs in Minsk will almost always accept UK credit and debit cards; before leaving the UK, let your bank know you’re travelling to Belarus

Consular assistance

If there’s a genuine emergency during your visit to Minsk (e.g. one involving accident, injury or loss/theft of your passport) call +375 17 2298200 and follow the instructions to be put through to a consular officer.

Lost or stolen passports

If your passport is lost or stolen report the loss to the local police as soon as possible and get a copy of the police report. You can’t travel back to the UK without a valid travel document. You’ll need to apply to the Consular Section of the British Embassy Minsk for an Emergency Travel Document (ETD). Please see our ETD web page for more information.

Lost or stolen credit/debit cards

If you lose your wallet or purse try to cancel your credit/debit cards as soon as possible. British consular officials can’t give you money to help you return home. You can transfer money from the UK using many of the commercial money transfer agencies in Minsk, including Western Union. You can also use most major credit and debit cards to obtain money from ATMs.

For more information visit the British Embassy Minsk web page.

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