Budget 2019-20: $164.7m to provide improved infrastructure

A $164.7 million Capital Works program committed to in this year’s Budget (2019-20) will bring the total amount of Capital Works delivered by Council over the past six years to more than $1 billion.

In his Budget address, Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said Council was cognisant of the need to keep its Capital Works program high to stimulate the local economy.

“Given that approximately 90 per cent of Council’s works expenditure is invested locally through employment and locally sourced materials and services, it is clear Council has an important role to play in keeping our local economy moving,” he said.

“It is equally important that we continue to invest in water, wastewater, drainage and transport infrastructure networks to ensure the city’s critical networks operate efficiently.”

This year the Capital Works program allows for:

  • $50 million on roads, bridges, drainage, kerb and channel, shoulder sealing, and footpaths
  • $24.5 million on improving the wastewater network
  • $28.2 million on water and waste infrastructure, and
  • $29 million of community, sport, cultural and tourism projects.

Some of the highlights of the program include:


Esplanade Dining Precinct commencement – $3m ($13.4m in 20/21)

Priority has been given to progressing the Esplanade Dining Precinct project, identified in the Cairns City Centre Master Plan.

The project proposes wider and more accessible footpaths, an extended outdoor dining area including more seating and a more spacious environment, higher and extended awnings to provide weather protection, Attractive lighting to improve the night time experience, street furniture and footpath treatment and a new road alignment to support flexible road use and potential temporary closure for events.

Council has allocated $3 million to undertake engineering investigations and survey work and develop a more detailed design, with $13.4 million allocated in next year’s Budget.

Court House refurbishment – $3.6m

Council has set aside $3.6m in this year’s Budget to complete the refurbishment of this heritage building as part of the broader Gallery Precinct plan.

Council will also activate the Court House and surrounds once the refurbishment works are completed. Council will continue to lobby the State and Federal Governments to commit to a tripartite agreement to fund the broader Gallery Precinct.

Northern Beaches Leisure Trail – $7.3m ($3.1m in 20/21)

Two major stages of the Northern Beaches Leisure Trail will take shape, with $7.3 million to be spent this year to connect Machans Beach and Holloways Beach, including $3.2 million for the Barr Creek bridge, and also to complete an off road connection from Yorkeys Knob to the Marlin Coast Sporting Precinct, Smithfield High School, Smithfield Library and the growing Smithfield Village via Dunne Road.

Clifton Beach will connect with Kewarra Beach, ensuring visitors and residents alike have access to an off-road pathway from Palm Cove through to Kewarra Beach showcasing some of the best vistas on the coast.

Munro Martin Parklands – $982,000 ($200,000 in 20/21)

Munro Martin Parklands will benefit from $982,000 allocated in this year’s Budget and $200,000 in 20/21 which will fund improved facilities at the popular venue. The funds will deliver permanent structures for dressing rooms, a box office, improved audio, and a portable bar. When it opened in August 2016, there was some uncertainty about the number and type of shows that could be accommodated at the venue, and potential audience size and requirements, leading to the decision to provide temporary fixtures on an as-needed basis.

After three years of operation, it is clear that permanent facilities will be cost effective and significantly enhance operational capacity.

Sporting Facilities – $5.8m

  • Roofs will be constructed over the main show court at the Cairns International Tennis Centre ($1.4m) and over four courts at the Martyn Street Netball Complex ($2m). The end result will be a boost for local sporting clubs, who will be able to use these facilities in all weather conditions.”
  • The Edmonton Pool project will commence with $187,000 allocated to complete detailed design and the commencement of early works in 19/20 leading to construction in 20/21 ($3.82m in next budget). The project will deliver a heated, 10-lane 25m lap pool (to FINA Minimum Spec), shade structures, a heated and fully covered warm water pool suitable for learn to swim as well as rehabilitation and therapies, ramps and all abilities access to all areas and landscaping in keeping with the Sugarworld Gardens surroundings.
  • Council will invest $1.4 million this year on improvements to aquatic facilities throughout the city. This includes the installation of solar panels at Gordonvale, Woree and Smithfield swimming pools to save on energy costs, while renewal works will be undertaken at Babinda and Sugarworld Waterpark.
  • Other sporting projects funded in this year’s budget include:
    • $908,000 to upgrade amenities at Alley Park (Gordonvale)
    • $625,000 to further progress the Griffiths Park sporting precinct
    • $300,000 for roof renewal at the PCYC complex at Manunda
    • $100,000 for general renewals at sporting facilities
    • $40,000 for roof renewal at Gordonvale Golf Club
    • $50,000 for the Edmonton PCYC, and
    • $10,000 for works on the Alley Park Suburbs Juniors building.

Parks and Playgrounds – $1.2m

A number of suburban parks will be the subject of improvements this year with the Budget funding new dog off-leash areas, BBQ renewal and new fitness and play equipment. Areas earmarked for works include The Lakes (Forest Gardens), Rainy Mountain Park (Smithfield), Lion’s Park (Earlville), Mercurio Street Park (Whiterock), Marj Danson Park (Gordonvale), Madigan’s Park (Mount Sheridan), Tom McDonald Park (Palm Cove), Trafalgar Road Park (Mount Sheridan), Mosch Place Park (Mooroobool), Goomboora Park (Brinsmead), Rocks Road playground (Redlynch), Engineers Park (Whitfield), Tom Murray Park (Mount Sheridan), and Gamburra Drive Park (Redlynch).

Cairns Esplanade – $1.14m

The popular Cairns Esplanade has attracted $1.14m in this year’s Capital Budget, with $170,000 for boardwalk deck renewal, $350,000 for biennial renewal works at the Lagoon, $225,000 for improvements to the Esplanade Lagoon Plaza area, and $394,000 to improve lighting.

Greenpatch and Gordonvale Heritage Trail – $445,000

The works at Greenpatch (on the banks of Mulgrave Rover at Gordonvale) will formalise and improve the campground which has recently been granted to Council in trust. Works include a brand new amenities block, including coin operated hot showers, a dump point, internal pathways and lighting. Works are well underway and completion is expected early in the new financial year.

The Gordonvale Heritage trail is a connecting pathway from the Greenpatch campground along Mill Street to the Gordonvale town centre and Norman Park. This will include a pathway, new footbridge across Hemming Creek and interpretive signage along the route. This is being developed as part of the Norman Park Masterplan.

Community Facilities – $400,000

Council spend $400,000 to upgrade community facilities, with $100,0000 to be spent on general renewal at a number of facilities, $250,000 for a refurbishment of the Senior Citizens Facility at Westcourt, $25,000 for the Gordonvale Men’s Shed, and $25,000 for renewals at Trinity Beach Kindergarten.

Libraries – $815,000

This year’s Capital Budget allows for $665,000 for new stock for the city’s eight libraries, $50,000 to install self-check out machines at Earlville, City, Edmonton and Stratford libraries, and $100,000 for an internal refurbishment at Earlville Library.

Toilets – $613,000

New toilet facilities will be completed in this year’s Budget at the Redlynch Skate Park, the Vico Archery Club at Gordonvale, Crystal Cascades, and the Redbank Boat Ramp. Council has also budgeted $250,000 for renewal of toilets at Bill Wakeham Park (Babinda) and $200,000 for general renewals at other toilet facilities throughout the city.

Crystal Cascades – $250,000 ($750,000 next year)

Council will commence a major upgrade of Crystal Cascades this year. The plan includes an upgrade to the entry statement, revised car and bus parking layout and expansion, extension to the amenities block to include change rooms and CCTV, new pathways directly linking the entrance to the amenities block and new car parking/bus lay down area, new shelters, seating, picnic tables, BBQs, bins and bubblers, and a new boardwalk and viewing deck at the lower section of the site to provide visitors a more accessible viewing opportunity close to the carpark.

Access and Inclusion projects – $100,000

This funding will support the initiatives of Council’s Access and Inclusion Action Plan including the purchase of a Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair for use at the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon and upgrades to beach matting at Ellis Beach so people with disability can access the beach more comfortably. A new connection path and seating area leading to the beach shoulder at Kewarra Beach has been installed to give access for people with disability to view across the beach. More of these paths and seating areas are planned across the northern beaches.

Further upgrades to accessible carparks will complement 13 recently installed accessible car parks within the CBD including three installed in front of the Fred Moule Pavilion on Mulgrave Road.


ROADS – $36m

Florence Street upgrade – $10m ($5m in 20/21)

Florence Street will be redeveloped to provide improved pedestrian connectivity from the CBD to the Cairns Performing Arts Centre and Munro Martin Parklands, with nearly $10 million allocated this year and $5 million in the next budget to complete the project. The project includes installing traffic lights at the two intersections currently served by roundabouts, broader footpaths and landscaping.

Reseals / Overlays / Pavement Rehabilitation – $8m

Council’s annual reseal and overlay program will keep the city’s roads in good condition, with $8 million allocated in this year’s Budget to reseal 150 street sites and 25 overlay sites.

Bicentennial / Robert Road intersection – $3.1m

The Bicentennial Road / Robert Road intersection is being upgraded to improve road safety and reduce delay for motorists. Traffic lights are being installed at the intersection, which will also provide controlled pedestrian crossings to allow pedestrian to safely cross both roads. Works also include the construction of a new bus stop, new street lights and road surfacing improvements. Works are expected to commence in July and be completed by Christmas.

Lake Morris Road – $3m ($1m in 20/21)

Numerous road sections and drainage assets are being repaired on Lake Morris Road as part of a $3 million project to repair the road, damaged during the significant rainfall event in March 2018, associated with Severe Tropical Cyclone Nora. The works involve the replacement of undermined and subsided stormwater pipes and the stabilisation of road embankments and cut batters. The works are expected to be completed by Christmas.

PARKING – $2.6m

Another 95 car parking spaces will be created in Lake Street this year, with Council allocated $1.46 million for the project. The additional car parking, to be created between Charles and McKenzie streets, will be eight-hour regulated spaces.

$1.16 million will be spent on other parking projects this year, with $656,000 to complete the new 150-space car park in Grafton Street. In addition, $350,000 will be spent on general upgrades to parking, while $150,000 will be spent on an improved entry/exit system for the Southern Esplanade car park.

Kamerunga / Redlynch Intake Road intersection and village project – $2.5m

The Kamerunga / Redlynch Intake Road intersection is being upgraded to provide a safer road environment for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Construction is due to commence this month, following extensive consultation with the community and local businesses. The works include new footpaths, an external timber deck pathway at the Red Beret Hotel, a new zebra crossing, new feature stone walls, irrigated gardens, heritage style fencing, additional street lights and new road surfacing. The works will result in a green “village” environment as requested by the local community.

McGregor Road – $2.4m

McGregor Road will be realigned and connected to the new roundabout at Smithfield Village Drive, removing a very tight corner on the existing road. The new road link will provide four traffic lane and access to new residential areas of Smithfield Village. The project includes footpaths, street lighting, a new water main and landscaping, and is due to commence in July 2019. The new road will also cater for the future traffic associated with the Smithfield bypass. The remaining section of McGregor Road east of the Captain Cook Highway is planned to be upgraded in 2021, including new traffic signals at Faculty Close intersection.

Mill Road – $1.4m

Mill Road is being widened to provide sealed shoulders, increasing safety for motorists and cyclists. The project includes intersection improvements, street lighting, new bus stops and a footpath along the northern side to improve safety for pedestrians. A new crossing for school children will also be installed at the school, within the 40 km/h school zone.

Arnold and Magazine Streets – $1.15m

Magazine Street is being upgraded to provide a wider, safer road for motorists and cyclists. Magazine Street is a key road link between the Captain Cook Highway and Stratford Connection road, carrying about 4000 vehicles per day. The works will include pavement widening to provide sealed road shoulders, new street lights and more parking. The project also includes an upgrade to the Arnold Street / Magazine street intersection, to remove the high number of vehicle conflict points and provide clearer, safer intersection treatments.

Redlynch Intake Road – $600,000

Redlynch Intake Road, between The Rocks Road and Mary Parker Drive is being upgraded in three stages. The first stage, north of the quarry, was completed in 2018. The second stage, north of Mary Parker Drive, is being constructed now and is due for completion in July. The third stage, south of the Rocks Road, is due to commence later in 2019/20. All projects include road widening, sealed shoulders, and road resurfacing, increasing safety for motorists and cyclists. The third stage will include the installation of guardrail to increase safety at the curve in the road.

DRAINAGE – $4.1m

Council will spend $4.1 million in this year’s Budget to ensure the city’s drainage network is working at maximum efficiency. Included in the program is:

  • $1.7 million for stormwater drain relining and underground stormwater renewal
  • $500,000 for a culvert in Swallow Street, Mooroobool
  • $515,000 for stormwater CCTV
  • $400,000 for renewal of drainage culverts
  • $350,000 for a drainage management plan for Saltwater Creek Petersen Street drain
  • $450,000 for concrete lined drains
  • $150,000 for a drainage management plan for Saltwater Creek Pioneer Street drain
  • $22,000 for drainage work at Butterworth Close, Gordonvale


The program allows for Council will spend $5.4m replacing old and damaged kerb and channel across 4.6 km of its road network. The work involves 50 sites, of which 19 will receive shoulder sealing to improve on street parking amenity and reduce road maintenance. New kerb and channel will be constructed at 31 sites, prioritised across the 9 divisions. Funding of $495,000 will be used specifically for shoulder sealing to cater for cyclists.


Footpaths throughout the city will be funded this year to the tune of $3.2m. Included in the funding is:

  • $1 million for general footpath renewals
  • $832,000 for an extensive upgrade to the footpath in Abbott Street (from Spence to Wharf Sts on the western side and outside the Galleria)
  • $301,000 for Lake Street (Spence to Wharf Street on the eastern side)
  • $336,000 for Grafton Street (Spence Street towards Hartley Street on the western side)
  • $215,000 for Hartley Street (Lake to Grafton Streets)
  • $200,000 for footpath on Collins Ave, from Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre to Red Arrow
  • $165,000 for Babinda sidewalk awnings, and
  • $56,000 to upgrade the footpath on Cedar Road, Palm Cove.


WATER – $21.2m

Projects included in the program are:

  • $11.3 million on the water network including $3.4 million for the continued roll-out of smart water meters; $2.2 million for the annual water meter replacement program; and $1.7 million on the Yorkeys Knob trunk water main (from McGregor Road to Yorkeys Knob Road)
  • $5.35 million on improvements and upgrades to water treatment plants including $3 million to install new filters at Freshwater Treatment Plant
  • $1.3 million on upgrades for the city’s reservoirs including $1.1 million for works on two reservoirs at Henley Hill, and
  • $420,000 to commence design of new water treatment plant for Draper Road
  • $294,000 for improvements works on Copperlode Falls Dam.


Projects included in the program are:

  • $10.7 million on upgrades and improvements to sewer pump stations throughout the city.
  • $8.36 million on improvements and upgrades to wastewater treatments plants including $1.6 million on the Babinda and Edmonton facilities, $2.6 million on Marlin Coast and Northern plants, and $2.65 million on the southern wastewater treatment plant.

WASTE – $7m

Projects included in the program are:

Materials Recovery Facility – $5.9m ($1m next budget)

This multi-million-dollar upgrade to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will place Council in a position to address its recycling needs for the next decade. The upgrade will bolster the MRF’s processing capacity and will boost the amount of waste diverted from landfill from 50-60% to 85-90% from landfill. The upgrade will double the MRF’s processing capacity to 30,000 tonnes a year, while new, state-of-the-art technology will enhance and streamline the facility’s sorting capabilities. A new glass-sorting and processing plant will be delivered as part of the upgrade, allowing Council to recycle glass locally.

Buy Back Shop – $170,000

Council will invest $170,000 this year to upgrade the popular Buy Back Shop so more waste can be diverted from landfill and re-used. As part of the upgrade, the front-end processing structure will be reconfigured to increase capacity to deal with items for re-use. Last year, the Shop diverted about 700 tonnes of waste from landfill.

With new procedures, planned upgrades and further education, Council aims to increase that to 1000 tonnes over the next two years.

Concrete Crushing – $600,000

Council has allocated $600,000 to increase its capacity to recycle concrete. The upgrade will allow more than 10,000 tonnes of concrete from Council demolitions to be crushed and reused locally in the construction of roads and as a sub-base for buildings. Recycling concrete provides dual savings for Council – negating landfill costs and reducing the need to purchase raw materials. The State Government has committed $295,000 to the concrete crushing project.

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