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Indigenous Knowledge Key for Solutions, Requires Collaboration
Rare Beetle Rediscovered After 55 Years Named in Honor of Jerry Brown
Mussel Grubbing Video Screened at World Water Film Fest
Microplastics Hinder Energy Production in Freshwater Organisms
Von der Leyen Speaks at UN Water Conference via Video
Have you seen koi carp, gambusia or rudd?
World Water Day timely reminder as drier conditions emerge
NASA & Min. Verrall Meet UC Researchers on Space Tech
Community groups share in over $170,000 of funding
Young Talents Share Prize for Express Yourself 2023
Gin Festival to Take Place in Sydney’s Northern Beaches
Great Ocean Love sparks cinema and climate conversations
Closures due to wet weather, flood watch in place
Missing swimmer search finds body
Search continues for missing swimmer – Freshwater Beach
Freshwater Ecosystems Improved, Benefit Both Fish and Humans
Devilbend Freshwater Hotspot On Peninsula
World Seagrass Day Highlights Conservation Efforts
La Trobe Vice-Chancellor to conclude tenure
Anglers fined £600+ for fishing without licence
Farmed salmon or chicken? Environmental footprint research can guide eco-conscious consumers
Test Carbon Capture to Combat Climate Change: Pioneering Projects Launched
9 reasons why we humans urgently need freshwater biodiversity
Clive Palmer’s Coal Mine Killed Off by Plibersek in Australian First
Collective effort helps bird breeding at Narran Lakes
UCLA Study Aims to Save SoCal Endangered Fish Species
Sun Run shines with record numbers returning
One million fishy stories, all of them true
Bucks Wetlands Thriving After Creation of New Habitat
Engineers at UBC Okanagan Investigate Water Management Solutions
Restore Wetlands to Protect 40% of Biodiversity
Hybrid Species to Combat Climate Change – Interbreeding Boosts Resilience
Anglers Fined for Fishing Without Licence 31 January
Anglers fined for fishing without licence
Local heroes honoured in Australia Day Awards 2023
Carp Plagues Rivers: Is Carp Herpes Answer?
“Give fish a voice to improve our inland waters”
New ecological approach to protect biodiversity
10 Entrepreneurs Fund CHF 1.75m to Fight Global Water Crisis
Hydropower without environmental impact
Eating 1 Fish = 30 Days’ Exposure to ‘Forever Chemicals’: EWG
WorldPride2023 unfurls its beautiful colours over Northern Beaches
Weaving Local Stories with Ancient Legacy and Art
Anglers Fined for Illegal Fishing
Yorkshire and North East Hit with £18k Fines for Illegal Fishing
More music, theatre and visual arts to tour regional NSW
Thame River Wetland Reserves Thriving in Buckinghamshire
Fisherman Reels in Monster Catch