Cannabis Appetite Stimulation Study Launched

Applied Cannabis Research

Applied Cannabis Research (ACR), a division of Southern Cannabis Holdings (SCH), has launched a new Observational Study to assess the impact of THC-based medications for sufferers of Cachexia and is pleased to announce that the medication and TGA SAS-B application process will be fully funded until 30th April 2020 on compassionate grounds.

Key Highlights:

  • Applied Cannabis Research (ACR) is conducting a 6-month study investigating the impact of THC-dominant medication on Cachexia.

  • Participant recruitment will be over a 10 week period from 17th Feb – 24th April 2020

  • Medications and one-time TGA SAS B application costs are funded prior to April 30th 2020

  • Medications after April 30th 2020 will be prescribed and dispensed at normal retail prices

  • GP consultation fees are applicable throughout the study

  • Study will be conducted by SCH division CA Clinics.

Further study is important to determine whether patients with cachectic conditions such as cancer-related anorexia-cachexia syndrome (CACS) see an improvement in appetite and quality of life using THC-dominant medical treatment.

ACR is working together with CA Clinics, that will coordinate the recruitment and assessment of suitable patients. After the 10 week recruitment period, patients will return to a normal prescription scenario with the patient meeting the cost of their ongoing prescription needs. This will allow us to further assess the continuity of cannabis use in a ‘normal’ environment . Doctor consultation fees will be applicable during this study.

If you are a doctor and have patients who you feel may be suitable, or wish to discuss the study further, please contact CA Clinics on 1300 991 477 or email us at

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