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Pholcodine cough remedies linked to anaphylactic reactions during surgery
Medical Device Essential Principles Updated for Nanomaterials
IDT Reaches Milestone with TGA-Approved Manufacturing Expansion
Company Director Jailed for Selling Illegal SARMs
TGA Product Information safety updates 27 March
TGA Review Boosts Case for Tighter Vape Border Restrictions
TGA Gains Powers to Reduce Medicine Shortage Impact on Patients
Vaping law changes imminent
Covid vaccine safety report – 23-03-2023
Tecentriq Provisional Reg. for mTNBC Treatment Lapses
Nubeqa registered by TGA for new patient group
Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Approved by TGA
GMP Clearance: Additional countries added to MRA pathway
Check for pholcodine use before general anaesthesia
JSHealth Vitamins Fined $13K for Unlawful Medicine Supply
Covid vaccine safety report – 09-03-2023
Aus Manufacturer Fined $160K for Breaching Med Licence
TGA seizes 55k dangerous products with NSW Police
Emyria partners for trauma psychiatric service in MDMA therapy
TGA Product Information safety updates 2 March
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Variants: TGA Update
Pholcodine cough medicines cancelled by TGA
Why cough medicines containing pholcodine can be deadly even if you took them months before surgery
Response to Pholcodine cough medicine recall
Consumers warned about Ozempic scams
TGA Cancels, Recalls Pholcodine Cough Meds for Safety
AusBiotech to propose overhaul of TGA funding
Halton Review Recommends Moderna Covid Vaccine, Supplies Secured
NSW Pharmacy Trial Reduces Women’s Health Checks
Covid vaccine safety report – 23-02-2023
TGA provisionally approves Moderna’s new bivalent Covid vaccine
Europe approves CSL’s first gene therapy for Haemophilia B
Moderna’s COVID Booster Dose Vaccine Approved by TGA Provisionally
Sport Suppliers Check Products for Banned Substances
DAEN – medicines update
Limited Ozempic supplies to commence distribution in Australia
Aussies Demand Gov’t Action on Growing E-Cig Crisis
Lessons from Ozempic Shortage: What We Can Do
Covid vaccine safety report – 09-02-23
Action needed to protect kids from vaping industry
Avoid prescribing pregabalin in pregnancy if possible
Experts Divided on TGA Approval of Psychedelic Treatments
Direction about advertisements: Melbourne-based individual
Emyria to expand MDMA programs following TGA psychedelic decision ‘
TGA Reclassifies Psilocybin, MDMA: Monash Expert
Classifying Psilocybin, MDMA to Allow Prescribing by Psychiatrists
TGA makes interim decision to reduce maximum paracetamol pack sizes
JSHealth Vitamins Fined $13,320 for Unlawful Supply of Medicine