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Just being exposed to new things makes people ‘ready to learn’
Scientists shine new light on role of Earth’s orbit in fate of ancient ice sheets
Windy conditions for Monday and Tuesday
Cu-Fe Catalyst Facilitates Ambient-pressure Conversion of CO2 Into Long-chain Olefins
Species thrive through social connections
To predict future water supply, UTA to look to past
Researchers shine new light on role of Earth’s orbit in fate of ancient ice sheets
Why haven’t we discovered co-orbital exoplanets? Could tides offer possible answer?
Study reveals how world’s most active volcano was born
Union Connectivity Review update
New study looking for participants to test weight loss intervention
Upconversion-based Nanosensor Developed for Chemotherapy Drug Detection
Three chaperones coordinate breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast
Virtual worlds apart
Researchers Investigate Size Effect of AlGaInP Red Micro-LEDs on Silicon Substrate
Researchers Realize Gas Pressure-dependent Luminescence
Researchers Achieve Record-658-km Quantum Key Distribution with Vibration Sensing
Government investing in warm, dry classrooms and new schools and kura
Minister Ng concludes successful visits to Thailand and Singapore
Oncotarget | NF-κB Over-Activation Portends Improved Outcomes in HPV-Associated Head and Neck Cancer
Study links Breastfeeding duration to cognition
Chalmers stays at top of internationalisation Index despite pandemic
UO data ethicist cautions against overreliance on algorithms
Luxembourg to bolster NATO’s future surveillance capability development
Some nomadic birds look for social cues to stop migrating
Wild bird distribution good predictor of avian influenza outbreaks on poultry farms
Researchers Develop New Method to Enrich Uranium in Seawater
Researches Reveal Novel Regulation of Major Oxygen Sensor, EGLN1
Research funded by Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation highlights risks of prescribing multiple medications for veterans with PTSD
Study pinpoints how fatty liver disease leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease
Preparation for transport locks in cattle condition
Study Reveals Unique Emission Properties in Long-period CRAFT Pulsar
Stepped wedge cluster randomized trials present advantages, challenges
Canadian eConsult services provided much-needed Covid information, specialty consults for primary care doctors
Tracking ancient earthquakes by taking temperatures of faults
Reference genomes provide first insights into genetic roots of mustelid physiological and behavioral diversity
Gallstone disease shown to be strong predictor of pancreatic cancer 25 May
Cannabis users require more sedation for endoscopy 25 May
USPSTF statement on screening for primary open-angle glaucoma
Covid transmission, shedding according to vaccination status
Chaotic early phase of solar system
Researchers Reveal Hemispheric Asymmetry of Long-term Sunspot Activity
Research does not support adage “Boys will be boys”
Case for speaking politely to animals
Improving access to law school
Soldier wields her keyboard on deployment
How Fast Are You Aging?
Physical consequences improve motor learning