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Berkeley Talks: How plantation museum tours distort reality of slavery
New approach for earlier detection of Alzheimer’s
Canada invests in Just Transition for coal workers, communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta
University preparations and precautions to reduce risk of COVID infection
Hearing Speech Requires Quiet – In More Ways Than One
Complex systems far from equilibrium
WUR influential in research on sustainable development goals
Common pelvic pain drug is ineffective, study finds
Tübingen researchers show conscious processes in birds’ brains for first time
Air pollution leads to increase in electricity usage, study suggests
Pair of Massive Baby Stars Swaddled in Salty Water Vapor
PLUS takes 3D ultrasound images of solids
Early Childhood Learning Centre site endorsed
Cutting red tape for education providers
Independent review gives oyster restoration project a tick of approval
New analysis methods provide important knowledge about metal cracks
Humble cow: a koala serial killer?
Age restrictions for handguns make little difference in homicides as US deals with ‘de facto availability’
Talc and a wax-oil mixture among best lubricants for people wearing PPE
Stem cells can repair Parkinson’s-damaged circuits in mouse brains
High-Intensity Resistance Training in Post-Acute Care Produced Better Outcomes and Patient Experience
Multi Pronged Intervention Reduces IV Opioid Use in Hospitalized Patients with IBD
ILR research: Workers selling their creativity short
Australians want more control over privacy, survey shows
LSHTM to evaluate public attitudes towards new COVID-19 contact-tracing app
Deforestation squeezes top predators in forest streams
14,199 more NHS nurses and nursing student acceptances rise by 23%
New research shows limitations of coordination in chemistry
Excess belly fat linked to higher risk of early death regardless of total body fat
Tasmanian veteran support services one step closer
Positive mental health for young adult emergency services volunteers
New platform to improve student access to learning credentials
Fire and logging reduce homes for threatened mammals
Young physicist ‘squares numbers’ on time travel
St George-Illawarra Dragons player Tristan Sailor ready to design his future at UNSW
Pale melanomas masked by albino gene
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk Varies in Patients with Different Types of Epilepsy
Placebo effect meets proteome
New Battleground Poll results coming Thursday
Scientists map potential for natural forest regrowth to capture carbon
Early treatment for leg ulcers leads to better outcomes for patients
New rural healthcare inequalities as mobile phones replace friendships?
Nominate a community hero today
New technology causes body to fight cancer at full strength
Work-from-homes can ‘stand up’ to COVID
Glass molecules can act like sand when jammed, study finds
Mediterranean Sea hotspot of marine microplastic risks
Crop diversity is key to increased profits for Brazilian farmers