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Queen Mary awarded bursary from Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Scientists develop unique polymer coating to tackle harmful fungi
Why most knee injuries don’t need surgery to heal
Tropical forests can’t cope with heat
UA welcomes new phase of Australia-India Strategic Research Fund
$155,000 reparation and fines, and “project order” imposed after injuries to ferry passengers
Why thought patterns impact AFL goal kicking
Neural-inspired computers may solve growing problem
We really don’t want to meet you
New Nasdaq Restrictions Affecting Listing of Chinese Companies
Strategic distancing can work: middle-ground between isolation and re-opening society
Stimulating research gives new treatment hope for Tourette Syndrome
A nature-inspired coating to keep drugs from breaking down too early
MD Anderson and Rakuten Medical announce strategic alliance to advance Illuminox platform for cancer treatments
Researcher creates new stress test to rate Edmonton bike lanes
How a microRNA protects vascular integrity
Solving Riddle: When was Wilson’s Arch, under Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Built?
Hans Slabbekoorn receives NWA grant to study fish around wind farms in North Sea
Researchers show that keyhole surgeons have more than just good hands – they have highly adaptable hands
Lighting way to porous electronics and sensors
Safer Boating Forum welcomes TAIC report linking jet boat crash to alcohol
Recommendations to eliminate COVID-19 racial and ethnic disparities in long-term care facilities
WashU Expert: ‘Extinction crisis even worse than realized’
People try to do right by each other, no matter motivation, study finds
Emory doctors study link between thickness of blood, clotting and inflammation in COVID-19 patients
Tracking cancer’s immortality factor
First optical measurements of Milky Way’s Fermi Bubbles probe their origin
New Research Evaluates How U.S. Wind Plant Performance Changes with Age
Investigation into Fungi Food Choices Yields a Buffet of Information
UC cardiologist investigates why ‘gold standard’ treatment doesn’t work well for some
Study of how to combat caterpillar
Biologist pursues microbes in quest to unlock health secrets
Remdesivir effective against Covid-19 even after short treatment periods
Works to start on new bridge for Repentance Creek Road causeway
Local Library Branches re-open
Solving mysteries of water and air underground
Small Study Demonstrates Sample Inactivation May Lead to SARS-CoV-2 False Negatives
Association Between Outdoor Light at Night and Breast Cancer Risk Among Postmenopausal Women
Temporary changes to NCEA and University Entrance
Artifacts found on Taungurung Country
Seeking community panel members for Warragul Parking Study
Police Brutality Influenced by Residential Segregation, Not “A Few Bad Apples”
How to build better highways in plants
Acute illnesses and injuries raise seniors’ risk of severe disability
Ecology – Thinning forests
FloChiP, a new tool optimizing gene-regulation studies
World’s Forests Are Growing Younger
Small Study Demonstrates Sample Inactivation May Lead to SARS-CoV-2 False Negatives