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FAU research team investigate new star-forming region
Study Shows Education Is Not Enough to Overcome Inequality
Scientists develop new crystals for polarization-sensitive photodetection
Study Sheds Light on Stellar Origin of 60Fe
Wingham CBD draft masterplan on display
Self-propelling self-navigating vehicles a step closer
Structure Regulation Improves Performance of Polyamide Composite Membranes
AFIMSC provides link to April 21 I-WEPTAC live stream
Florida Legislature honors George Starke Jr
Rivers and streams emit much more CO2 at night than during day
Youngest Stellar Embryos in Massive Clouds
An impetus from art history for medieval research
Researchers Realize Controlled Self-assembly and Multistimuli-responsive Interconversions of Three Conjoined Twin-cages
Multiple Mare Flooding Events Occur inside Von Kármán Crater during Imbrian Period
Trial To Study Groundbreaking Exercise Program For Parkinson’s Disease
New research finds slumped posture not such a pain in neck after all
Library staff plan big things for 2021
Pre-school mole count shows cancer risk
Historic Progress on US Slavery Reparations Bill
Patients needed for Parkinson’s disease trials
Tiny cat-sized stegosaur leaves its mark
Do more privately owned firearms lead to more firearm violence?
Consumer Affairs: Exposure to air pollution may increase COVID-19 severity
Drought-induced Mortality of Conifers
EBird Data Used to Shape Eagle Management
Uncovering secrets of some of world’s first color photographs
TRC welcomes State Government announcement on water security funding
Scientists Display Influence of Strong Metal-support Interaction Effect on Catalytic
Amplia completes dosing in phase one study of AMP945
Researchers Identify Key Factors Influencing ELM-induced Tungsten Erosion in EAST Tokamak
Complexation with Cyclodextrin Improves Solubility of Cannabidiol
Phyllotaxis modelling project wins funding from Human Frontier Science Program
Altered immune signature linked to Long-Covid
Bigger brains helped squirrels move up in world
Relationship Between El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Is Restoring
Scientists explain regulation of extracellular vesicles by dephosphorylating Syntenin
Billion dollar fintech, Afterpay, shares secrets of rapid global growth
Expressions of interest now open: Arts and Culture Reference Group 13 April
Spiro Metalla-aromatic system Features Craig-Mobius Aromaticity
Scientists Uncover Last Meal of a Cretaceous Pollinator
Inversion-channel MOSFETs on heteroepitaxially grown free-standing diamond using Si-based substrates
Single day of competition in wild is encoded in brain
Power of pack: how crowd-sourcing is future for animal behaviour research
Women ‘risk’ grey hair to feel authentic
Myovant Sciences and Pfizer Announce First Participant Dosed in Phase 3 SERENE Study Evaluating Contraceptive Efficacy of Once-Daily
Thawing permafrost cools Arctic currents: This might affect fish stocks
Major risk of injury for recreational runners
Scientists will investigate Siberian jungle plants