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Shared medical appointments help patients with prediabetes
Interdisciplinary consults can help primary care docs treat patients with chronic pain
Best practices to prevent federal government from blowing its technology budget
How do you rate your medical care? Your answer might be affected by your insurance
Focus on Outliers Creates Flawed Snap Judgments
To enhance creativity, keep your research team fresh
Researchers use optical data to reveal basic structure of spacetime in rotating frames
Discovering candidate for reflex network of walking cats: Understanding animals with robots
Low temperature physics gives insight into turbulence
Researchers Propose Principle and Method of Synchronously Tailoring Saturated and Reverse Saturated Absorption of ENZ Materials
Researchers Find Sympathetic Standard and Blowout Coronal Jets in Polar Coronal Hole
Quantum mechanics paves way for more stable organic solar cells
Bionomics expands study of BNC210 to include social anxiety disorder
Aqueduct of Constantinople: Managing longest water channel of ancient world
Researchers Reveal Thermodynamics of Supra-arcade Fans above Solar Flares
Study Reveals How Biodiversity and Biogeographical Pattern of Marine Fish Form
Study finds pretty plants hog research and conservation limelight
Solving cocktail party problem
Tweet and Re-tweet: Songbird Stuttering Allows Researchers to Pinpoint Causes in Brain
Even when they include them, gifted programs aren’t serving Black or low-income kids
Discovery of methanol in a ‘warm’ planet-forming disk
Active cavity solitons: Ultra-stable, high-power optical pulses for measuring light waves
Long-term stress in dogs linked to owner-dog relationship
Friendly pelicans breed better
First discovery of methanol in a warm planet-forming disk
Host, management, or microbial traits: Which is dominant in plant microbiome assemblages?
New study pinpoints source of largest recorded Mediterranean earthquake in AD 365
New Research Training Group at Institute of Physics
Study Reveals How Root Nodule-associated Bacteria Distribute along Elevation Gradient in Kunlun Mountains
A Flight into Clouds Reveals Microphysical Properties of Stratiform Clouds
High-density seismic network detected inland earthquake precursors
Researchers Develop Aqueous Hybrid Ink for Inkjet Printing of Micro-supercapacitors
Visa changes deliver much needed skills and labour solutions
Working parents suffer extreme burnout during pandemic
How proteins control information processing in brain
Coexisting Plants of Different Growth Forms Differ in Their Stem and Leaf Traits
Phenological Mismatch May Explain Population Decline of Lesser White-fronted Goose
James Webb Space Telescope: NASA to hold pre-launch virtual briefing
Some meat eaters disgusted by meat
How we retrieve our knowledge about world
Cutting-edge: New and improved drug to counter spinal anesthesia blues during C-sections
Migratory songbirds climb to extreme altitudes during daytime
Rutgers Recruiting Participants for Pfizer COVID-19 Pediatric Vaccine Clinical Trial
How do men experience postnatal depression?
Fused Aromatic Network with Exceptionally High Carrier Mobility
What consumers mean when they say your products are authentic
Proteins enable tendons and muscles of fruit flies to develop in sync
Protected by nanobrushes