Casting light onto System Black

The Marshall Liberal Government says a report from the Australian Energy Market Commission into lessons from South Australia’s state-wide blackout confirms the need for an electricity interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales.

The report notes that an interconnector will deliver improved competition, reliability, resilience, and better allow the network to survive extreme events and be restored faster.

The report highlights the limitations on South Australia with our reliance on the Heywood interconnector to Victoria, and the resilience that another interconnector would give.

As a consequence of the benefits that interconnector will bring: The Commission has made a rule change which will speed up the regulatory processes associated with the development of this additional interconnector … and … is currently considering a proposed rule change to streamline regulatory processes for three projects (including an additional interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales ‘Project EnergyConnect’) p51

“The interconnector will help us make use of our renewable energy to deliver lower prices and more secure power to consumers,” said Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“That’s why we’ve supported $14 million in early works to ensure that these benefits come to consumers as soon as possible.

“The AEMC report shows that resilience must be embedded into the rules of the power system to deal with a renewables’ dominated power system.”

AEMC’s findings follow the Marshall Government granting the $1.5 billion SA-NSW interconnector Major Project Status.

Major Project Status recognises the economic significance of the interconnector to South Australia and delivers a rigorous whole of government assessment process.

“The SA-NSW interconnector delivers an average $66 savings for households and will help secure a raft of renewable energy projects and hundreds of local jobs along its proposed route,” said Treasurer Lucas.

“We’re also excited about the projects that are lining up to be built on the back of the interconnector, turning South Australia into an export powerhouse.”

“Modelling also shows that small and medium businesses with significant electricity consumption will save many thousands of dollars each year when the interconnector is energised.

“Significantly reduced electricity bills for small businesses will be good for jobs, investment and the local economy.”

The State Government is facilitating this vital infrastructure project by the

• early commencement of detailed line route and site selection works;

• coordinated planning approvals across the nation;

• early commencement of environmental and social studies required for planning approval;

• commencing a community engagement strategy including landowner consultation about easement acquisition.

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