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New vaccine may provide better treatment for tuberculosis
Research from Cicely Saunders Institute is shaping policy on end-of-life care
Researchers confirm dog sickness outbreak in Yorkshire
Link between early maturation and better aerobic performance identified in juvenile salmon
Unfair 'double whammy' of minority ethnic children in care
Researchers Realize Partial Oxidation of Methane Using Molecular Oxygen on Zeolite
EAC Council of Ministers give green light for Democratic Republic of Congo accession 28 January
ECOWAS imposes heavy sanctions on Mali following refusal to hold elections
Climate change cooperation of ASEAN
Rural Residents Tend to Hold Fatalistic Beliefs and Perceive More Cancer-related Information Overload Than Urban Residents
New Omicron modelling shows WA should cope when borders reopen
Phase-change Material Enables Active Tuning of Lattice Kerker Effect
Scientists say no to Solar Geoengineering
Researcher tackles role of tree decay in climate change
Center stage for quantum mechanical entanglement in an attosecond laser laboratory
New USC basketball coach plans tough playing style
Optimized Filtering Technique Enhances Electromyogram Signal Quality for Upper Limb Prostheses Control
Researchers Develop LED-based Solar Simulator for Better Terrestrial Solar Spectra and Orientations
Eight universities launch Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme
Queen Elizabeth II to make royal history
Extremely harsh volcanic lake reveals how life might have existed on Mars
Tolerance for Risk May Contribute to Male-Female Pay Gap
Creative desire, and grit to get it done
3 Questions: Jinhua Zhao on a "third place" between home and office
New species of 'incredibly rare' insect discovered
People's long-term pain after knee surgery is reduced, new treatment has shown
RATs in all schools source of pride
Investment in GBR welcome but stronger action needed on climate change
Union says par rises of 2.04% are not enough
Melbourne's pollen riddle
Documentary series Changing Ocean Asia explores impact of climate change on ocean
Scientists Propose New Strategy for Chemical Upcycling of Polylactic Acid Plastic Waste
New technology increases detection of wound infection
Kimberwalli's back to school help goes viral
$2.5M grant awarded to flip switch on lung cancer drug resistance
Sloan Digital Sky Survey's robots turn their eyes to sky
Effects of pediatric critical illness on absenteeism
Wider-reaching solutions urgently needed to reach realistic 'net zero', warn researchers
HKUMed reports that SARS-CoV-2 Omicron infection recalls mRNA-vaccine-induced immunity for broad protection
New USC basketball coach plans tough style
ARC grants and changes to research funding body
National survey reveals quarter of Australians lack knowledge about Holocaust
Home-schooling parents experienced psychological distress
Nano-architected material refracts light backward-an important step toward one day creating photonic circuits
NASA Statement on New Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director Appointment
Researchers shed light on how fetal alcohol exposure increases risk of development disorders
Science of Poetry: Scientist and writer Jenny Qi finds meaning in loss of her mother
Trailblazing universities shortlisted to boost economic recovery