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Is there a place for sweetpotato ice cream?
Study finds aspirin takes headache out of restoration
Events to present weed testing and survey results
NCCoE Releases Preliminary Draft Report on Ransomware Risk Management
Ever been ‘in zone?’ UTA explores how to keep you there
Teams Engineer Complex Human Tissues, Win Top Prizes in NASA Challenge
Improved Climate Resilience through Better Seasonal Forecasts
Quality Campaign for Better Batteries
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
New light on making two-dimensional polymers
Microscope reveals secrets of a material’s structure
Talking Points: Role of Computer Voice in Future of Speech-Based Human-Computer Interaction
Bipolar Order: A Straightforward Technique to Have More Control Over Organic Thin Films
Strengthening Medical Research Future Fund’s success
Paddock Practices: Managing insecticide resistance in diamondback moth
Tokyo Tech and Rakuten Mobile sign 5G network agreement
NASA Administrator Statement on US Innovation and Competitiveness Act
Optus Sport reveals diverse talent line-up for UEFA EURO 2020 and Copa America 2021 tournaments
Researchers Improve Efficiency and Accessibility of CRISPR
NASA Selects Postdoctoral Program Research Support Contractor
Apple Music’s Zane Lowe explains how Spatial Audio will transform music
First Glimpse of Brains Retrieving Mistaken Memories Observed
Swiss startup collects environmental data from street to street
Tech helps protect ocean life and livelihoods
7 Questions – 7 Formats
Using light to monitor cancer
$28 million program to improve farm productivity
Taking action against IP protection threats
Sunrise breaches accuracy rules for motorbike collision story
Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant announced as judge for 2021 Legacy Awards
CIBER-2 Takes Its First Flight
Turning off lights can save migrating birds from crashing into buildings
IOS 15 brings powerful new features to stay connected, focus, explore, and more
Apple previews new iPad productivity features with iPadOS 15
Apple advances its privacy leadership with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8
Apple advances personal health by introducing secure sharing and new insights
UTA pioneers quantum physics training for high school teachers
NASA Highlights Winners of Challenge to Engineer Human Tissue
NASA to Air Briefing, Spacewalks to Install New Station Solar Arrays
New COVID-19 Model Reveals Effectiveness of Travel Restrictions
Puerto Rico is Prone to More Flooding Than Island is Prepared to Handle
Carbon Dioxide Sensors in 2 Urban Areas Registered Big Drop in Emissions During COVID-19 Pandemic
Cryptocurrencies remain subdued, but mostly in black
Rules of Procedure: indispensable companion to Radio Regulations
EPFL architecture students explore outdoor spaces in Geneva Canton
Bernie’s mittens to BLM: People talk politics across online community groups with less venom
Recording Brain Activity with Laser Light
With NIH grant, UTA team to examine cardiovascular disease