Climate lies of Labor and Greens sealed poll loss

Australian Conservatives Release

Soon after the election was called The Australian’s Chris Kenny lamented that it might be the dumbest campaign we have ever seen, primarily because of the inanity around climate change. Today, he is sorry to say that prediction turned out to be more accurate than any climate modelling.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has long called out the whole myth of fighting climate change as a dangerous cult saying nothing we do to mitigate climate change can make any appreciable difference to the world’s climate.

But the good news was that voters were smart enough to see through the Left’s dishonest narrative. Labor and the Greens continually made absurd claims – actually let us call a spade a spade – they told the same lies every day. They said Australia was not taking climate action now; they said they could take action that would stop floods, droughts, bushfires and cyclones; they said these same actions would create jobs and prosperity; and they refused to even countenance putting a cost on them.

Now these same politicians and their army of virtue-signalling barrackers in the media now wonder why they lost the election. The idiocy is beyond comprehension – at least it is entertaining.

As they pack up their placards and wash down their cars after their anti-Adani convoy, the activists are quietly wondering whether they might have helped deliver a Coalition win. A grateful nation applauds them.

We are starting to see how Scott Morrison’s electoral triumph has unleashed an outbreak of intellectual clarity and common sense. The idiocy of the campaign is behind us, the emotive nonsense of the partisans is silenced (for a while at least) and there might be a chance for progress.

Senator Bernardi has told Rowan Dean on the Sky News programme Outsiders, the whole climate change debate is a nonsense promoted by the United Nations to ultimately give it more power and redistribute global wealth.

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