Coles sharpens up value this Christmas with easy entertaining and masterchef knives


Prosciutto wrapped saddle of lamb, Tasmanian stuffed salmon roast and a rum spiced pudding that will light up the festive table among hundreds of new and improved products

With one million more Australians expected to spend Christmas at home this year[1], Coles is helping to lower the cost of easy entertaining this Christmas by launching more than 275 new or improved products and rewarding customers with stainless-steel MasterChef knives in its latest campaign.

This year’s Coles Christmas range focuses on making life easier for Australians by not only providing the best locally sourced fresh meal solutions and showstopping desserts but also helping customers collect the best tools in the kitchen to be the most envied host.

From 4 November, Coles customers will earn a ‘MasterChef knife credit’ by scanning their flybuys card every time they spend $20 or more in one transaction at Coles supermarkets and Coles Online[2].

The exclusive MasterChef Knives collection features six premium, chef-quality knives, individually designed with ergonomic handles for comfort and a more professional cutting experience.

Coles will be the first supermarket in the world to offer the new MasterChef Knife range in stores.

Coles Chief Executive Officer Steven Cain said after a tough 2020 for many Australians, the Christmas and summer entertaining season will be an important time to share with family and friends.

“Our team of product developers, development chefs, suppliers, farmers, supply chain and team members have been working hard all year to ensure we can sustainably feed all Australians and help them have a happier and healthier Christmas,” Mr Cain said.

“We know Christmas will be like no other this year – Australians will be hoping for a very special time and we want to help make this as easy and affordable as possible for them. We’re continuing to lower the cost of entertaining with our new range and providing customers with even more value every time they shop at Coles with our latest campaign to help top up their kitchen with excellent quality knives and make cooking preparation even easier this year.”

Coles will have the most mouth-watering new and easy to prepare selection of Australian sourced roasts available including the Coles Prosciutto Wrapped Saddle of Lamb, a Cracking Pork Loin with Festive Stuffing, a Butterflied Truffle Chicken, a Christmas Turkey Cushion and a Stuffed Salmon Roast – all created by Coles’ own development chefs in the Coles kitchens.

Two of the most anticipated desserts set to arrive in stores soon are the Coles Finest Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse and the Coles Finest Passionfruit and White Chocolate Mousse. These premium quality desserts provide customers with a special sensory experience ideal for a hot Aussie Christmas.

Coles Ambassador Courtney Roulston and award-winning chef Luke Mangan showcased the new range in Sydney today, including a Coles Finest Spiced Rum Pudding, perfect for serving with a flaming rum glaze to brighten up the Christmas table with an Aussie twist on a longstanding Yuletide tradition.

“This rum spiced pudding is a showstopper and is set to be one of the most talked about Christmas desserts because not only does it have that wow factor, it tastes delicious too. It’s packed with vine fruits, diced pineapple, cider and rum and finished with a whole candied pineapple slice,” Courtney said.

Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market and Vintage Cellars have tailored their Christmas ranges to customers who are increasingly supporting local breweries, wineries and distilleries and choosing low alcohol beverages.

The newest member of the award-winning Victorian Tinnies range, Tinnies Ultra Low Alcohol Hoppy Ale is expected to be a big hit for summer, having recently been named best low alcohol Pale Ale in Australia at the World Beer Awards in the UK.

The Hoppy Ale has a flavour profile that features a big, malty backbone, with a generous and balanced bitterness that makes it feel and taste like drinking a regular strength beer.

Also new to this year’s range is Pure Origin Tasmanian Vodka, a premium quality spirit made with the naturally clean and pure waters of the island state.

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Information on MasterChef Knives

Customers need to spend $20 or more in one transaction at Coles or Coles Online and scan or enter their flybuys card to receive a Knife credit. Once customers have earned enough credits, they can redeem them in store to collect their knives.

The MasterChef Knives collection features a utility knife, a small santoku-style knife, bread knife, cook’s knife – the most used knife in the kitchen – a large santoku and a 2-pack of steak knives. Customers can also purchase a knife block made from acacia wood and a unique filament insert that holds any type of knife and utensil for $25 in store, while stocks last.

MasterChef Knives


MasterChef Utility Knife


MasterChef Small Santoku


MasterChef Bread Knife


MasterChef Cooks Knife


MasterChef Large Santoku Knife


MasterChef Steak Knives 2-Pack


List of key products available now at Coles;

· Coles Finest Spiced Rum Pudding 800g, $12

· Coles Festive Fruit Mince Pies 360g, $4

· Coles Finest Luxury Fruit Mince Crumble Mini Tarts 220g, $5

· Coles Finest Luxury Salted Caramel Mini Tarts 200g, $5

· Christmas Belgian Chocolate Santa Hollows, $2.50 each

· Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Soft Nougat 100g, $4

· Coles Chorizo Pigs in Blankets 360g, $10

Key beer, wine and spirits available now at Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor Market;

· Tinnies Pale Ale, 375mL – 6 pack, $12

· Tinnies Ultra Low Alcohol, 375mL – 6 pack, $12

· The Golden Mile Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 750mL $26

· Sensi 18k Organic Prosecco, 750mL, $18

· Canard-Duchene Brut Rose NV, 750mL, $75

List of key products available from late October at Coles;

· Coles Prosciutto Wrapped Saddle of Australian lamb with Cranberry, Orange and Caramelised Onion Stuffing

· Coles Crackling Pork Loin Roast with Apple, Cranberry and Thyme Stuffing (with Sow Stall Free Australian Pork)

· Coles Butterflied Truffle Chicken (with RSPCA-approved chicken)

· Coles Finest Turkey Cushion with Couscous Apple & Cranberry (with free range RSPCA Approved Hunter Valley Australian Turkey Breast)

· Coles Tasmanian Stuffed Salmon Roast, 750g

· Coles Finest Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse, 710g

· Coles Finest Passionfruit and White Chocolate Mousse, 750g

· Plant Based Vanilla Sponge Pudding with Rich Chocolate Sauce

· Cauliflower Cheese Parcel

· Coles Rudolph Macaron Kit (6 Pack)

· Gingerbread Ice cream Sticks 400mL 4 pack

· Coles Rustic Pavlova 400g

List of key beer, wine and spirits available from November at Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor Market;

· Pure Origin Vodka, 700mL

· Bijou Rosé, 750mL

· The Bio Project Fiano, 750mL – only available at Vintage Cellars

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