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Pick of litter: SCRRApp reaches milestone
Candlelight-like glow from flexible organic LED
Tracking ancient earthquakes by taking temperatures of faults
Carbon and climate change in an ancient ‘icehouse’ world
Ashurst advises lenders on acquisition of Hartl Group by Afinum
Free Green Waste Weekend in May
Microbes can degrade toughest PFAS
Protection of sodium metal anodes meets in situ photoelectron spectroscopy
FOGO ‘go’ from July 1
Long-hypothesized ‘next generation wonder material’ created for first time
Organic farming or flower strips – which is better for bees?
Discovery of ‘ghost’ fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events
Biocompatible binary hologram with drug-elution capabilities
New idea for refining biocrude
Computer chips that can smell and nomadic mushrooms win AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant
LumiNose wins AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant with computer chips that can smell
Broadening scope of epoxide ring opening reactions with zirconocene
Organic polymeric scintillators excite X-ray community
Trained sniffer dogs accurately detect people infected with SARS-CoV-2
New light on organic solar cells
Novel Focusing Technology Developed to Improve Ion Transmission Efficiency of Mass Spectrometers
Heterogeneous Ethylene Hydroformylation Enables Highly-efficient Industrial Production of Propanal/n-Propanol
Future of desalination?
Towards more efficient, nontoxic, and flexible thin-film solar cells
Cooling speeds up electrons in bacterial nanowires
Ancient microorganisms in halite may have implications for search for life
‘Measure to manage’ nitrogen expenditure in HRZ
In celebration of World Topiary Day, Merribee
High-performance hysteresis-free perovskite transistors
Encouraging results for street sweeper recycling trial
Method reduces plastic bottles to basic components suitable for reuse
Step toward Circular Economy?
Chaff residues put to pest pressure test
FOGO collections continue to grow
Swinburne IRL according to Fraser
Sediment removal program to commence in Lower Vasse River
Imaging chemical kinetics at liquid-liquid interfaces
Researchers Devise Cheaper, Faster Way to Continuously Produce Amines
International Composting Awareness Week
TCSPC technique to visualize weak pulse electroluminescence
Bones, constructed like prestressed concrete
Scientists analyze polyethylene degradation in environment
Scientists in Bayreuth analyze polyethylene degradation in environment
Small, mini, nano: world’s smallest gear wheel
Electronic skin anticipates and perceives touch from different directions for first time
International Compost Awareness Week 2022
AgForce welcomes new campaign to help fight fire ants
Unearthing soil constraints to crop production