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An act of God, or just bad management?
Effects of ‘Fenton-like’ reactions of ferric oxalate on atmospheric oxidation processes and radiative forcing
It’s ‘go’ for green from 1 July
Novel Magnet Design with Magic Mirror-like Properties
New method makes generic polymers luminescent
Printing flexible wearable electronics for smart device applications
Machine learning aids in materials design
Binding of a second CO molecule observed
Designing natural-based synthetic materials
Ceramics provide insights into medieval Islamic cuisine
RUDN University chemist created coordination polymers with up to 99.99% antibacterial efficiency
Bipolar Order: A Straightforward Technique to Have More Control Over Organic Thin Films
Absorbent aerogels show some muscle
Femtosecond spectroscopy and first-principles calculations shed light on compositional dependence of
Efficient metal-free near-infrared phosphorescence films
Test for early-stage cancer diagnostics to reach market soon through new investment in WUR spin-off
City of Newcastle brings compost revolution to family home
Samara Polytech has summarized all data on methods of synthesis of chromanes and chromene
Novel SERS Sensor Helps to Detect Aldehyde Gases
Unlocking Carbon’s Mysteries
Activation of carbon-fluorine bonds via cooperation of a photocatalyst and tin
Oldest human traces from southern Tibetan Plateau in a new light
Dog seeks parthenium weed on North Coast
Study on use of waste streams to rear insects
Study on use of waste streams to breed insects
Funding available for innovative improvements to recycled organics
Seeking interest in FOGO’s future with private sector
Spotlight on musicians in City of Sound Exhibition – Wollongong
Properties of non-racemic dihydrofurans have been studied at Samara Polytech
New insights into switchable MOF structures
Seed library sprouts to life in Port Stephens
Woolworths Group to launch HealthyLife to meet its customers’ growing health and wellness needs
COVID-19 testing with just a single breath
Using waste heat to power an environmentally sustainable future
Deep Forest Soils Lose Carbon as Temperatures Climb
‘Green’ claims CMA sets out dos and don’ts for businesses
New Creative Studio unlocks Townsville makers’ potential
Food and organics waste to be composted in new service
IQTCUB study describes a new system to control electronic states of bidimensional organic materials
Nickel atom aids carbon dioxide reduction
AI-aided search for single-atom-alloy catalysts yields more than 200 promising candidates
Dehydrators make light of heavy problem: Bega Valley
Bipolar order: A straightforward technique to have more control over organic thin films
Activation of prodrug using protein-encased gold catalyst
Scientists shed light on mechanism of photoactivation of orange carotenoid protein
Dstl unveils requirements for future anti-armour capabilities project
On-farm composting – getting it right
Touched by Light: Photoexcited Stannyl Anions Are Great for Producing Organotin Compounds