CTU welcomes lowest unemployment rate in a decade

Statisticsout today show the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in a decade andthat wages are improving for many.

“Hereis the proof a reduction in the unemployment rate and increased wages can gotogether if well managed.”

“It’sgreat that the unemployment rate is lower than it has been for a decade. Ofcourse the quality of work is tremendously important as well. Good jobs thatpay fair wages and provide people with the opportunities to upskill are alsoimportant. Which is why the Government must support the introduction of FairPay Agreements,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“Let’snot forget that there are still over 100,000 Kiwis who aren’t in work andthousands more under-employed. The Government has a responsibility to ensurethe creation of more good jobs. There is much opportunity for New Zealand to bea world leader in the creation of jobs which are good for our planet as well asbeing good for the people that are doing the work. This is the future of work.”

“It’salso heartening to see that the LCI (Labour Cost Index) and average wagestatistics are showing that for many people, wages are increasing morestrongly. There is no doubt that wage growth is being pushed up by collectivebargaining and increases to the minimum wage. These increases need to be morewidely shared across working people. Fair Pay Agreements and strengthenedcollective bargaining would help do that. Companies are making good profits:they can afford greater wage increases.”

/Public Release. View in full here.