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Minimum wage increase to make real difference
Appointments to Fair Work Commission
Action on pay transparency cannot wait
Historic moment as first FPA successfully initiated
Public Service Pay Adjustment Progresses
GDP Numbers show need for long-term plan for economy
Unions stand in solidarity with striking teachers
2023-24 Budget Could Shape Energy Transition for Australia
2023-24 Budget to Shape Australia’s Global Energy Future
2023-24 Budget Could Shape Australia’s Energy Future
Unions call for improved contractor protections ASAP
Auckland bus drivers seek solutions for crisis on city buses
Monthly Economic Bulletin 13 March
Unions: Industry plan may transform NZ economy
Plan to boost high-wage jobs in advanced manufacturing
Robust protections needed for Recovery Visa workers
Unions stand in solidarity with dancers
Additional protections needed for employees in small businesses
Concerns Over Silicosis Increase: Monash Expert
More support needed in Bill, say disabled workers
Working people continue to help economy thrive
NZCTU Urges Keeping Workers at Forefront of Inflation Response
Working people must not pay price of fixing inflation – CTU
Workers thank Jacinda Ardern for her service
Monthly Economic Bulletin
CTU Urges New Inflation Solutions Without Cost To Workers
Data shows New Zealand economy well placed to face headwinds
Representing Australia in Singapore
Bread and roses: Education employees welcome new industrial relations laws
Working people excited to initiate FPAs tomorrow
Government must commit to eliminating workplace violence
Updates from Law Council, Federal Government, Business Council of Australia and more
Electricity Generators deliver “excess dividends” at a cost to people, planet, and economy
Expanded childcare support big help for working families
Unemployment remains low, public-sector wages need to rise
Low Carbon Economy & Safeguard Mechanism
Support for workplaces to prevent and address sexual harassment
Working people left out as top income earners and property investors win big in National’s tax cuts
Fair Work Commission positions
FPAs represent new era for workers’ rights
Historic win for Uber drivers ‘a victory of union movement’
Working together to solve agriculture workforce challenges
Unions hearted by new measures announced on Equal Pay anniversary
50 year Anniversary of Equal Pay marks record low pay gap
Pacific people need immediate action to boost pay
Building Better Future, inflation and wages
University workers deserve fair pay says NZCTU
Strong accounts should lead to long-term investment