CTU welcomes significant investment in infrastructure

TheCouncil of Trade Unions is welcoming today’s announcement of the verysignificant $12 billion infrastructure investment in the future of New Zealand.

CTUPresident Richard Wagstaff comments, “This prioritisation is long overdue.It represents longer term thinking and an investment in our future transport,education and health. Long term thinking of this kind has been absent for toolong from central government”.

“Nowthat the announcement has been made, it’s critical we use this spending as areal opportunity to create good jobs, that are well paid, secure and safe andwhich have training at the core. We support the Prime Minister’s comments aboutnow being a good time for young people to learn a trade.”

“Thescale of this investment has rightfully been labelled once in a generation. Andit represents a significant challenge to establish and maintain a labour forcethat can deliver results from this spending. So it’s crucial that workingpeople are equipped to fill these jobs with the training and support they need.”

“Itis essential that health and safety is central to these new jobs andconstruction projects. Keeping everyone safe at work has to be an absolutepriority regardless of the industry they work in. Employers must aspire forzero harm to those they employ or contract. Anything less is simplyirresponsible. An essential part of that is encouraging and supportingeffective representation and participation of employees in their own health andsafety,” Wagstaff said.

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