Eurovision first semi-final eliminates six entries

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 officially kicked-off with a first semi-final on Tuesday night to select 10 countries qualifying for the Grand Final.

The first semi-final saw 16 acts vying to secure a place in the ten available spots, meaning six would be sent packing before the final of the world’s largest song contest to be held in Vienna on Saturday.

The semi-final results were determined via a 50-50 split between national expert juries and public votes.

As a shock to many fans, Finland, Denmark, Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova and the Netherlands failed to get through while Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Serbia celebrated their first victory as the first qualifiers.

The second semi-final is set for Thursday.

The ten who go through on Thursday will meet on Saturday the first semi-final qualifiers, the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, who automatically qualify each year, plus Australia, who is invited to the special 60th anniversary of the contest.