Facebook to change the way you ‘tag’ people forever?

– We’ve all been tagged in a Facebook post we’d rather not go public on timelines – be it a video revealing your embarrassing dancing or a meme which would make your mum question your innocence. But that could all be about to change, with the social network confirming it is testing a “more discreet” alternative to tagging, Digital Spy said.

First popping up via SocialTimes, it appears you will still send friends a notification as before. However, the content isn’t directed automatically to your profile page (where it currently either goes live or into moderation, depending on your privacy settings).

By eliminating the need to tag friends in that pug video or a fresh Running Man challenge compilation, comments sections will also potentially be a cleaner experience.

That will make it easier for people to actually have conversations, as opposed to having to read through a stream of tags in which people are giving friends a virtual “Hey, look”, Digital Spy said.

While Facebook confirmed the test, it didn’t say when or if it would be launching publicly.