Future of profession

To say that we are living in uncertain times is an enormous understatement. The outbreak of the coronavirus is the first global emergency we have faced in our lifetimes. It’s affecting every one of us, irrespective of our circumstances, whether we are infected or not. Fear and anxiety about the disease and its economic impact is overwhelming and has caused strong emotional stress and panic in us all.

The fear and uncertainty we are witnessing is unprecedented. I see it in people’s faces, I hear it in their voices, and as the President of our great organisation, not only am I personally affected, I am deeply saddened that we are going through this – this is inarguably the toughest time that we have faced not only in our profession but in this wonderful country.

I am dismayed at the already significant job losses across Australia and the world. Within our profession, my heart goes out to those who will lose their jobs, be forced to let staff go or to minimise their practice, to those who may need to close their practices indefinitely or might suffer even greater personal losses. I am also very concerned for those who are going through, or who may experience significant mental distress as a result of our global situation.

In these moments our collegiality is more important than ever. Please check-in with your colleagues or contact us at the association if you would like to have a chat or have any questions.

I encourage you to remember who you are, remember those around you, and remember that you are part of a great and age-old profession of which we are all incredibly proud.

Remember that we are more than the challenges we face. As humans, regardless of what’s happening around us, there’s a strength inside of us that is resilient, flexible and strong beyond imagination. Call on that part of yourselves – the part that is courageous in the face of unimaginable fear. As you do, know that I am here with you.

I am confident that despite the inevitable stress, we will take care of each other, and we will get through this together.

Carmelo Bonanno


Australian Dental Association

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